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Rachel Tayse
Columbus OH
green urban homesteader seasonal food advocate
Interests: cooking, gardening, eating, simply living, mothering, dog companion
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On a recent weekday, my four and half year old visited two museums, a nationally recognized library, dozens of ancient and diverse trees, several historical markers and a 40 degree north latitude marker. Admission was free on all accounts and nothing was crowded. Where were we? The Ohio State University Columbus campus. We saw a replica Tyrannosaurus Rex skull fossil, fossilized mastodon teeth, and fluorescent minerals in the Orton Geological Museum. Though the main exhibit hall was closed at the Wexner Center for Arts, we were still able to view many outdoor installations. My daughter and I walked through the... Continue reading
Posted May 26, 2010 at Ohio Moms Blog
One of my healthy baking tricks is to drop the amount of sugar in a recipe and add a little extra vanilla. Because we so associate vanilla with sweet treats, the nose can trick the brain into thinking something is sweeter than it actually is.
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Congratulations Chris! What can you win?
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Thanks for all the great comments. Some of you made me think of what it might be like to be the only child and hear adults question whether there will be more siblings. Does it make them feel like they aren't wonderful enough? Or that their family isn't 'right' without siblings? @Dawn I have read Maybe One and it is fantastic. I felt affirmed when the author pulled together studies that have shown only children to be just as socially adjusted and successful as children with siblings.
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2010 on The Only Not Lonely at Ohio Moms Blog
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I totally agree that a few full fat full flavor ingredients can make veggies more appealing. Be sure to check the actual nutritional value on whole grain breads and pastas when you shop. I have compared and found that sometimes the regular white flour version has fewer calories for the same protein and fiber. I think it's because companies sometimes add sugar (and other weird ingredients) to better approximate texture and change flavor.
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Nice thoughtful post, Tracy. When we answer our children's questions honestly, it is important to shield them from complex adult concepts. Just last night I thought it would be fun to watch the Muppet Xmas Carol. Lil was so thoroughly confused it was not fun. She questioned "When people die they can't come back. Why were those business guys talking to Scrooge?" "Are those spirits real? Why is Scrooge scared?" And, my favorite, "Why are frogs and pigs in the same family?" I answered the questions the best I could in the moment and decided we will not be watching that film again soon. What I thought was innocent is too complex right now for my grounded in realism child.
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