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Rachel Inbar
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Wow :-) I remember being worried about not being sick enough. Especially after a miscarriage, it's harder to believe it can really work... but then I had 3 fairly normal pregnancies :-) Being a mommy is pretty cool! Rachel (in case you've forgotten, mom of 6)
Toggle Commented May 22, 2010 on Preggers at From Here to Autonomy
I too am wondering whether these divorces might have happened regardless of blogging... I mean, one of the reasons you might start blogging is that you feel a need to express the feelings you have about your unfulfilling marriage or perhaps you fill your time blogging to escape your daily life. I know I got my ex cable tv and a subscription to the newspaper so that I could have some time without him... So, my guess is that this is just something else that people see as having triggered their divorce - a divorce that probably was just waiting to happen. Rachel (who came to BlogHer from Israel twice)
Congratulations :-)
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