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david silva
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I actually like this one a lot. I wasn't paying that much attention to the lyrics, but the melody, chords, harmonies and mood are evocative. Maybe I'm just nostalgic for the 4-track days...
Toggle Commented Nov 19, 2009 on Week 20 - Afternoon at The Weekly Song
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me too!
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2009 on Week 18 - You Got Me at The Weekly Song
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wow. very beautiful song. balance and harmony and balance. i see why you say it's a country song!
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2009 on Week 6 - Mess We Made at The Weekly Song
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brghlah. MORE GUITAR SOLO (ha ha!). chorus reminds me of steve reich or philip glass. what is most impressive to me about this is not the guitar solo but what you did with the arrangement, and the marriage of lyrics & melody. and you've nailed the art of singing octaves. keep it up, stellini!
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2009 on Week 4 - Tick Tock at The Weekly Song
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