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Gavin thank you for directing me to your thought provoking post! It really heartens me to read critical commentary on the issues here and the maddening injustice that remains despite the efforts of sound-minded individuals! I like you was also watching 'First Australians' again and it motivated my decision to change my avatar in places like Twitter and Facebook to the National Reconciliation Week symbol. As a new 'Australian' I didn't even know there was an NRW and I was disappointed by my ignorance (we always know when its Maori Language week in NZ). That's my stance, I don't care if I'm alone in it, or that it may lose me followers or 'friends' I felt similar indignation when I came to Australia on holiday at the age of 10. I was asked to perform Maori action songs and I recall asking my audience to reciprocate with Indigenous songs of Australia. The reaction to that request was upsetting for someone of those tender years. It is still distressing that nearly 25 years later, the progress has been as slow as it has. Thank you for speaking up! (humbled by your company).
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May 25, 2010