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Patty Radish
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Well, I finally took the plunge and moved my blog to greener pastures! I hated to do it, but I have been disapointed with the stats on this blog for quite a while now. And I'm hoping that this change will help with that! My new blog address is: Continue reading
Posted Oct 20, 2013 at Radish Blossoms
Hey...well at least your supportive!
A few weeks ago I was out and about, looking for a few things to make my new sewing room more user friendly, and I happened upon this chair... It was love at first sight! I'm going "granny" with my decor in there, of course, and this is perfect for... Continue reading
Posted Oct 19, 2013 at Radish Blossoms
Thank you Sarah!
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2013 on Crochet Hook Organization at Radish Blossoms
I'm really starting to make some headway! It helps not to add any in the meantime!
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2013 on Crochet Hook Organization at Radish Blossoms
I'm sure it is abundantly clear by now, I'm learning to crochet. Which usually requires a hook...and yarn. Well, I have the yarn thing down! (by buying loads of it long before learning to I like yarn!) But one of my biggest problems is, I loose stuff. Which is... Continue reading
Posted Oct 12, 2013 at Radish Blossoms
Thank you Sarah, I've made art journals out of these little binders too. They're really fun!
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2013 on My Happy Place! at Radish Blossoms
I"ve been working in my art journals and being organized much more lately, I think it's because of this... My new desk, or, my new "Happy Place!" It's still a work in progress, but I'm already using the heck out of it! It's the first place I go in the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 9, 2013 at Radish Blossoms
Thank you Gill! Every time I look at it I'll say "I can't believe I actually finished it!"
Thank you Nancy! It's going on the couch, The Hubby claimed it!
Thank you Karen! Thanks for stopping by the Olde Blog, I miss you!
Hi Karen!
Thank you Susan! I'm looking forward to many more years of Using it! Lol!
Thank you Susan!
Yes folks, I did some number crunching, and this is definitely the mother of all procrastnated projects (at least of mine!) And it's finished! Can I hear a Hallelujah! Grab a beverage of choice, cuz here we go... I'm going to start from the beginning: I saw this awesome quilt... Continue reading
Posted Oct 6, 2013 at Radish Blossoms
Thank you Nancy! How did women bear wearing bras like that! I'm so glad you like your song book!
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2013 on Swappings and Inspiration! at Radish Blossoms
This is a two-fold blog post. First, an awesome swap with my freind Nancy Gene Armstrong, and second, my inspiration from Estilo Decora. (I follow Estilo Decora on FB and IG, someday I hope they start a blog.) Let's start with my swap with Nancy. She messaged me that she... Continue reading
Posted Oct 5, 2013 at Radish Blossoms
Lately, I have been spending a lot of time on design and interior blogs, it's been a blast! The only problem is that there is so much cool stuff out there, it's hard to keep up. Of course, I wish I had the resources to decorate my house whenever I'm... Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2013 at Radish Blossoms
I finished another project that has been sitting on the back burner for a few months. As I have said in the past, I tend to start new projects before finishing old ones. (I'm working on that.) It would probably be a lot easier if I just stuck to one... Continue reading
Posted Sep 29, 2013 at Radish Blossoms
I agree with your mom! Let me know if you need to borrow any movies!
I have the day off today, and felt like writing a post. But, because I'm between projects at the moment, I didn't quite know what to write about. So, as I was pondering this, I did what I usually do every morning while preparing a caffeinated beverage, I switched on... Continue reading
Posted Sep 27, 2013 at Radish Blossoms
Ha, nice try, but I have a devil of a time keeping her out of my photos. She follows me around barking until I take her picture!
A momentous occasion has occurred, I finished my first real crochet project! I isn't very big, but it's useful, and that's a beginning! I wanted to show pictures as the project progressed. I chose "Sugar and Cream" cotton yarn because I'm going to be sitting on this, and wanted it... Continue reading
Posted Sep 26, 2013 at Radish Blossoms
Well, it's that time of the year again. A cool nip in the air, the rain sets in, and I take pictures of the last of my garden. This is such a wonderful time of the year because usually by now my garden has worn me out! Then, I have... Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2013 at Radish Blossoms
I'm a dog lover too, and puppies make my day!
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2013 on Some more time off at Radish Blossoms