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David Hodgson
Sydney, Austalia
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Two additional comments First, I did not intend to beg the question about compatibilism. I was answering a question about what a Libertarian is committed to. Second, I do argue that there is something about free actions that contributes to outcomes, with which laws do not engage, namely the person's response to whole feature-rich gestalts of conscious experience. I do not say this is something to which Libertarians are committed, but I do say it makes Libertarianism more plausible. I argue at length for this position in a number of articles since 2000 that are on my website, most succinctly in the 2007 TLS article.
I am one person who says that free actions are not determined by the engagement of laws of nature with prior conditions. That is not saying that free actions are not covered by laws of nature, just that laws of nature do not uniquely determine the outcomes in the case of free actions. I would not have thought that position required much argument to support it, but I'm not sure if that is what Randolph is asking about.