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Wow. This is 'The New Trade'! Already loved your BIG why. It is all about people connecting to other people by sharing their stories for everyone to repeat hoping to make the world a better place. Join the new trade:
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2011 on True Friendship at Re:Focus
Hello Steve, What a great post! I also believe that it's all about people. Today, two centuries of domination of the US and Europe are coming to an end. To resist against the overwhelming emerging countries the west needs real innovation. Easier said than done? Maybe not when we focus on people.I am currently in the process of writing about about this called 'The New Trade'. I believe that the new trade is about linked peer-to-peer stories. Linking your stories to that of peers can help you convince other people, keeping the forefront in your business and helping you in realising finally the so much needed work-life balance. More info here: I am also crowdfunding the book. All help is welcome on: Raf
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Dec 23, 2010