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Sandhya Ragoowansi
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Nov 18, 2013
Ben. Hats off to you for even thinking to write on something as important and relevant to our times like this. These things used to always hit me. 'Isn't it unneccesary? Why does something have to be done in a certain way?' Today being a designer, for the first time I've realised how important we are or rather how important each one of our roles is when it comes to designing. Will always be inspired by what you have written and as far as possible will spread this message to most designers. Also would make a conscious effort to design things more wisely. One more thing comes to my mind when you mention these things. Many of our design institutes, and I'm talking of some very reputed, world famous ones, make it a pre-requisite to send them a portfolio or send them prints of actual artworks as just mailing them isn't enough. I find that a real waste of time, effort and also waste of paper. It is discouraging to see that people don't realise these things and even when they do prefer to stick to old norms. I hope changes happen soon because climate change is something that is going to and is affecting not one, but each one of us personally. Thankyou once again for this amazing article. Keep writing great stuff!
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Nov 18, 2013