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@ReggieH...ABSOLUTELY....on Keith Oberman's show the day after that idiot Wilson shouted at HIS commander-in-chief (Joe is a member of the SC National Guard), Oberman posted the section(s) of the bill that already stated "individuals without proof of legal residence would not qualify for benefits". BTW, I think the Joe Wilson outburst was planned....I think it was just another ploy in the Shout-down-your-opponent-as-loud-as-possible-mentality that some hard line Republicans used this past August at the so-called "grass-roots" town hall demonstrations.
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@ Ravenback...I agree, the Joe Wilson incident, IMO is way more of a deal than this, but those very same people on YouTube, HuffPro message boards calling the Williams sisters out of their names ... (and I dont know why Venus' name even got in this) ... are the same people defending Joe Wilson. We are in a sad state in America. Many white people are scared and with fear comes anger and hatred. During the Federer semi-final match, commentator Mary Carrillo made it sound as though Serena should be hung in the town square.
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I am watching Obama right now on 60 minutes and he is the definition of class as usual. We have to give this man so much credit. He has to deal with all of this evil hatred from Bubba's and Jim Bob's, yet he always takes the high road. The white man is running scared. They see that they have lost the majority in this country, but what is interesting, while they are trying to hold the Black man (woman) down, the Hispanics and Asians are the ones taking the real control. I LOVE IT....GO PAPI's and HSU'S.
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pbourgeois: In regards to your inquiry as to why any person would want to rape another; rape is about control, not sex. If a woman willingly agreed to sex with a rapist, he does not get the same thrill or satisfaction as there was no control involved. Also, I am sure the women who want to remain anonymous do so as to be able to get on with their lives after the trial. Yes, their friends, family, and some in the community may know these victims, but we all do not. So, when Jane Doe gets a job, she does not have to worry about the whispers from co-workers recognizing her name.
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