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+1 I think there are enough defenders for the US but I don't think Gooch or DeMerit fit.
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Jul 26, 2012
If he does not take the offer, he will be transfered this summer.
I think that is where I agree with all of you. Maybe it is age that has him playing like a seasoned veteran. And yes, I get that the Everton fans voted him player of the month when he was there, I get all that. I am just talking about his comfort with the ball in the attack, his simple but smart play not only going forward but his ability to get back, win the ball, and be very effective very quickly into the attack. No one here can tell me he has played that consistant with the USNT. Maybe it the players around him, maybe it's the style of the coach. I don't know but if we do not see LD as an attacking midfielder and Demps as a forward with the USNT, Jurgen may have to get his head examined. Fellas, just trying to show Landycakes some love!!!
I have been one of Landycakes biggest critics but man does he look good with Everton. He just looks comfortable in the middle. I know the level of play suits him better than with LA but he did not look this good a couple years ago in his last loan. Good on ya, Landy!!!
I always had a hard time with Harkes because I did not respect him as a player. Add in the fact that he was "with" Wynalda's wife, just soured me even more. I love the fact that he is gone and optimistic with Twellman. He does seem to annoy me a little but I will give him a chance. I would love to see Wynalda back on ESPN.
HAHAHA!!! Seriously, that song is almost as good as Alexi Lalas' song - "Kickin' Balls"!!!!!!
We should invade France with our talented boys. The French will fold as usual. Check out the site. Pretty funny!!!
What the hell was that? That was that the best game of the year for the Fire. The last 30 minutes was a senior team toying with a junior team. 3-0. WOW. I will give credit were credit is due but the band aids Frankie has put on this team has worked and they are really starting to gel. Hopefully they can take this to Houston. Does anyone want to play the Fire down this last stretch of the season? Granted, RSL was playing a man down but teams usually respond much different than that. And what an idiot is Beckerman. Just dumb. He will probably tell you that himself.
Think anyone wants to play the Fire down the last part of the season?
Being a Fire fan, I can't believe I stayed up until 11:30 at night to watch that game. Hats off to the Quakes as you played a nice game. As for the Fire, get rid of Klopas, get rid of Klopas, GET RID OF KLOPAS!!!!!! This is unreal. Start over. Get a coach who can coach. Bring a general manager who can evaluate players for the future, not Band-Aids for the present and bring the Fire back to a respectable level because right now, they are an embarressment.
No, not disappointed. I just want someone who can get us past that. I just don't think Bob can do that at this point. I am very proud of what he has done for US Soccer. I just think we need someone who's accomplishments are better than beating Spain once.
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2011 on Bradley fired as USA coach at Soccer By Ives
Hey, I have always been a fan of BB and I am very sad to see him go but when your experience is equal to the best you've done with your present team, it is time for a change. Bob has not won the World Cup or anything but the Gold Cup. His greatest accomplishment will be beating Spain. That is not good enough for me or most USMNT supporters. Again, I think he did a wonderful job and raised the level of expectation in this country much higher since he took over BUT I do not believe he can take them to the next level mainly because he has never been there as a player or coach. Bring on Jurgen!!!!
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2011 on Bradley fired as USA coach at Soccer By Ives
+1 The only reason he did not was because he did not seriously hurt Nyarko. That was bad. In any other league, it would be a red card and a 2-3 game suspension for reckless tackling. If you do this in the MLS, maybe, just maybe, this sort of crap will be dialed down and the league can be respectable.
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2011 on Beckham's corner kicks douse Fire at Soccer By Ives
Donovan would never do that!!! He would point at the back of his jersey and look to the crowd. Good player but a selfish prick. GO DEMPSEY!!!
Let's see if the Greek 2nd league has him prepared for this level.
I just heard them say Freddy Adu. I can't stand him but that was two years ago. The guy is a nightmare. I hope he proves me very, very wrong.
It's called Columbus, OH!!! That's about it.
Is this Freddie? Is Sid Freddie because if you really beleive that then you can no longer be taken serious on this blog!!! And when has he been able to create, pass and break down any defense? Oh yeah, in Greece, 2nd divison Greece where some players still have a second job because the league is sooooooo bad. But being Freddy Adu, you already know that!
Goal Dempsey!!!!!!! Hey Jozy and Landon - notice how he did not point at the back of his jersey at his name when he scored!!! It's a team game!!! Learn it!!!
"This is the best back four we have seen in a long time for the USMNT." Agree or disagree? Why or why not?
Landon? Great. US 1-1 at regulation for lack of defense from Landycakes!!!
Yeah, I get that DUDE but Adu is not the answer to the scoring question. I am not sure of the answer but Adu is not it. You have to admit, they have been playing well since Jozy and Landycakes are ot playing.
Creative element?!?!?! This is the best the US has played all Gold Cup! Why would you change anything?