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I want to say Mazzy's face. The toy makes it look like she was more interested in that instead of taking a picture. Party in a box for a 9year old and she wants My Little Ponies. Her birthday is in March.
For the record, when my oldest was born, that was a better labor and delivery than my second... but both outweigh my wedding.
I rather the pain and everything that went with my children being born over the thrown together wedding my (now ex)-husband never really cared about anyway. I wore a dress that was too small, had calf high black chunky heel boots, pulled a tourist off the street to stand in as a second witness (no guests, my friend bailed, my family lived in a different city, and he never told HIS parents the date) and we had a reception and someones house who I didn't know but he did, our officiator and his friend knew. Yeah my children totally outweigh that nightmare. I think if I had a wedding like yours though, it would have outweighed my kids by far. Pitocin sucks, and not being able to hold my kids until they were HOURS old REALLY sucked. My kids were both 34 weekers and NICU babies. My oldest in the NICU for 9 days, my youngest (who was 12.2oz heavier) was in for 1 day shy of 3 weeks. I STILL take those days as the happiest days compared to my wedding day.
LOL! I think my kids would be about the same as yours except Jasmine trying to be in EVERY shot but end up looking in a different direction. I think the long sleeve gingham peasent blouse or the short sleeve gingham peasent dress would work for Zoie. She has a cast on her torso because of early onset scoliosis and that looks airy enough for any type of weather with her cast. We live in Alaska and our summers are hot, but our winters are pretty cold. It looks like it could be long enough to cover her whole cast. We get a lot of stares and sympathy looks and I'm sure they are not going to stop any time soon. She has to get it changed every 2.5 months for at least a year. Pinned! Tweeted!
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Jul 18, 2013