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Aside from the conceptual stupidity and insanely optimistic projections, let's look at the implementation: - annoying interstitial upsell for press+ the first time you click on an obit - interstitial the fifth time you click on an obit - use another browser or go in to porn mode on your browser and the counter resets -- unlimited reading
Isn't this pretty much what Wikipedia does? Even with fast moving stories, I find that Wikipedia editors usually do a pretty good job of capturing the latest developments on their topics. While it doesn't have the trust afforded to MSM, it often does a much better job at synthesizing a lot of developments into something that is cogent.
I for one hope that there is NOT a cellular radio in there. Wifi/Bluetooth tethering is good enough. Few people are going to pay yet another monthly fee for something like this. I would expect the carriers to price it at another $30-$60/month. The cellular radio also adds significantly to the BOM for the device. Depending on the type, it's likely the next priciest thing after the display. I never understood why Kindle has a cellular radio. Most places people are likely to buy books -- home, work, coffee shop, airport -- have some form of WiFi connectivity. Could have reduced costs by doing deals with Boingo/T-Mobile HotSpot/etc.
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Jan 4, 2010