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Raúl Iglesias
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"Subjective: A New Musical" ...and what I mean by that title is art is subjective and affects people in different ways depending on where they are in life. The greatest musical was written and hasn't been written ;)
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yes. I remember the "unicorn" poor goat with a horn grafted on it's forehead
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I agree that all shows should sell at least a few items of merchandise. I'm always looking to buy a magnet at every show and I cannot be the only one looking to get something! The few times I've been to a show that did not sell any merchandise I have been disappointed and even thought it was a bad business move. Also, Producers, if you do intend to sell merchandise, please offer it way in the beginning of the run and don't 6 months later! lol that's just annoying on that thought...why doesn't MTC sell anything at their shows? ha
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Mar 2, 2010