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Hello, if I knew how to enunciate your first name, I would write it out. I get it you do not understand subtlety. I needed help on understanding the barister but you didn't provide one. I hinted you on the balance or not so moderately, disproportion of the constition and its division of powers to the various branches that preside over a democratic society and, it seemed to have blown right over your head. I see - though I understand metaphors - that your reasoning is childlike. Sometimes or rather in your case maybe enduringly, as your writing has exposed, it takes courage to express ignorance.
This is to Mr. Ndi O. Sir, there is nothing wrong with praying for guidance. Solutions to problems are for us to make.You seem to suggest that things be left the way they are because prayers will change them. The level of gullibilty rendered here by you is a little upsetting. The church has to be run by people and where there are people making decisions, there is the totality of interrelationships in that particular area of life involving power, authority, or influence, and capability of manipulation. That is politics, Sir.
Tell you what, this guy is a light weight. When he said "loud sensitisations all round" did he mean sensationalizing all around? me here.He does not even seem to know that the constitution of his country-interpreter of the law-is so heavy on the executive branch and outlandishly light on the the other two branches. I was very excited to read an interview of a Cameroonian lawyer but honestly dismayed in the end. He kind of laid it on the thick...with lawyers like this we are going no where.