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Mike Your response to Vandit was less than the intellectual honesty you almost always exhibit. Vandit's example (shooting a portrait with a fast 85mm wide open for short DOF) was not one that was strained, unusual, or uncommonly used. There are any number of other examples that could be brought to bear to demonstrate that there is good reason for FF cameras (and you suggested some yourself in your original post). And the central point of his paragraph was to disagree with the old saw that one should "zoom with their feet and eschew the use of zoom lenses." Given the quality of today's zooms it sometimes seems that the only reason this argument is advanced is because "I walked to school in the snow, so should you." Can one become a better photographer by working with one fixed focal length prime and really learn what that one lens can and can't do? Yes, certainly. But to suggest that all who use zooms are lazy or giving up quality for convenience, just isn't so. In all, your short shrift response to Vandit seemed somewhat defensive. David