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So I'm a Republican (though not a Texas Republican) and I am really happy you wrote this. I know that most Democrats think this and know this, themselves; but I think there's a lot of loud liberal Democratic rhetoric getting air time, too. So thank you for reminding us all that the middle ground people need to stand up and be counted once in a while.
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2013 on Reasonable people: they exist. at Haiku of the Day
I love this. You are so right, social media has made it too easy almost to keep up with people, but in a really superficial way. It takes effort to keep those relationships going IRL :) I have decent handwriting, but as pen pal I'd probably be erratic (ha, that's a geology joke, look it up). Also, I worked for the USPS in college and I know what happens to letters once they leave your mailbox. No romance there AT ALL. Becky
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Nov 21, 2012