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I agree- Direct Loans is a federal entity and a large majority of students will always get their loans from them, especially because private loans tend to be more expensive. I can't exactly "take my business elsewhere" at this point, and they know that. Ghost, I was actually thinking about that yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised to have a Wal-mart employee offer to help carry a bike I had purchased out to my car. I would have expected this at a higher-end store, but I know at Wal-mart I get what I pay for. You brought up an interesting point- a good customer service experience is just as much about managing our own expectations to a reasonable level as it is the actual quality of service we receive.
A very rude awakening! And I've found out the hard way that I am not the inept one :). -Sarah
The lack of responsibility and sympathy is exactly what makes this situation so frustrating. Direct Loans not only failed to own responsiblity for the issue, but has also demonstrated a complete lack of compassion. Both of which are hallmarks of really outstanding customer service, and noticeably lacking in my experience with them so far. -Sarah (@ramenprincess on Twitter)
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Aug 3, 2011