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Susanne Ramharter
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Reply to Bob's Comment - Alexander Pope on Critics in 1709: ".... for Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread." This caustic line from 300 years ago sums up so much of what is being scientifically researched an proven today - see Ariely, Kahnemann and various other studies about Rationality. Daniel Kahneman's latest discussion about the 2 Systems of "thinking" says we believe that we are rational and analytic, but actually most of our reactions are based on what our associative memory or intuition tells us, and confirmation bias then lets us reinforce it with facts. My point? as you say, ambiguity and uncertainty are hard to bear, our increasing need for speed as well as the "well, do something!" attitude demands immediate decisions and actions - how much better to base those on (supposedly) precise definitions than to state "I could be wrong, but let's try this..."
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Sep 29, 2011