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Hi Beth! Well, I was a blushing new bride and might have remembered it wrong, so I checked about the Black Canyon. Turns out we're both right. There are two sections of the Black Canyon: The Gunnison Gorge and Black Canyon National Park, which contains the steepest and most dramatic parts of the river. That's the part you're thinking of, Beth. Thank goodness there's gentler portions for non-whitewater types like me, in the Gorge section. Here's a great website. I bookmarked it to save up for our twentieth anniversary:
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Beautiful photos. I long for summer just looking at them! Now I'm looking forward even more to reading DEADLY CURRENTS. I went rafting on my honeymoon down the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. This was a luxury guided flyfishing trip and was better than a 5 star hotel! I'll never forget drifting by the Hall of the River Kings while the sun glittered on the water. So, yes, rafting has a special place in my heart! :-)
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Mar 2, 2011