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"Actually, many of my good friends are anarchists." That's mighty kind of you, considering all the work they do for hegemony. That doesn't answer my question, but I think careful readers have all they need to make a judgment about you. Thanks.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2013 on Party in the USA: Optimism of the Will at I cite
"It doesn't seem to me like you are interested in discussion, but I will respond this time in good faith. I would put liberals, Democrats, and Republics all on the side of hegemony. I am not defending liberalism or Obama." I'm very interested in discussion. Just because I obviously don't like you doesn't mean we can't have a meeting of minds. I think it's in your interest to defend your emphasis on anarchism as opposed to say liberalism. I'm glad you see liberals on the side of hegemony, but it seems your Jacobin friends would beg to differ and do, constantly. I think it's fair to guess, also, that your relationships with hegemony supporting liberals are better than your relationships with anarchists and that when you speak about them or to them, you are good deal more respectful. That you entertain the viability of tactical alliances with them and, in fact, make such tactical alliance. Why is that?
Toggle Commented May 29, 2013 on Party in the USA: Optimism of the Will at I cite
"disagree with the claim that in our current setting it makes sense to put the anarchists on the side of anti-hegemony. Rather, they reinforce and are part of the current hegemony of individualism, difference, localism, anti-centrism, etc." Where do liberals fit on the anti-hegemony spectrum? Or the Democrats you and your comrades always find grounds for supporting. What was it this time? Oh yeah, for all his faults Obama exposes the systemic problems and not just partisan differences. Plus he's not a right-wing nutjob. Those people are crazy!!! See, this is where your horrible bad faith shows: In your willingness to make common cause with people who drone children, purge immigrants, deny reproductive freedom to teens, perpetuate drug wars, pursue name it. There is apparently nothing toxic liberalism can do that you and your friends can't momentarily overlook. But some obscure academic writes a criticism of Jacobin's subway masturbating piece and the least you accuse him of is being on the side of hegemony. What does this say about you to other radicals, statist and non, or even to genuinely principled liberals? Certainly nothing good. At best, you simply look like a fool.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2013 on Party in the USA: Optimism of the Will at I cite
"One way to discern an "idea whose time has come" is by the strength of the urge to evict it." By this logic, capitalism and genetically modified foods are ideas whose time has come. Do you guys ever argue with evidence? But even if we accept your logic, it seems to me that anarchism is taking much more heat than your beloved No Subway Masturbators Nor Filthy Anarchists super org, which is even gaining purchase with the New York Times/MSNBC/WaPo set. Maybe you should rely on facts, once in a while. I am glad you are walking back your idiotic, disgusting and extremely revealing Cointel remarks. But it's unfortunate that you still think the main item of business for building your Party is not to prove the viability of doing so, by perhaps revealing the means by which to proactively do it. Instead you think you merely have to keep tediously insisting on the non-viability of everything else, particularly anarchism. If you think anarchists are in your way, just wait until you get around to banks, big business and their servants in the Democratic Party. Why so much hand-wringing over anarchists. and not the toxic waste dump of contemporary liberalism? Can you truly not see any bigger fish to fry? There is no need for anarchists and statists to be at odds with each other at this point. Anarchists are not going to join you, but they are also not going to go away, either. So why so much worry? At this stage in struggle, anarchists and statists can complement each other as they have in the past and as they do in other countries at present. So maybe at this early stage in the game there is still time to put the conflict you are bent on having with anarchists to bed, especially since I sincerely believe you are not winning.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2013 on Party in the USA: Optimism of the Will at I cite
A pox on all houses of people who are obsessing about org structure when so very little is happening. Here's what: most people who do the heavy movement lifting don't give a fuck about structure. If a vertical organization is doing good work, I'll join up. If a more Occupy-like thing is doing something I want to be a part of, I'll do that. There will be hierarchies on both sides -- but that's a separate question and there is already far too much talk about that. I don't give a fuck. It bores the shit out of me. I have seen sick organizations and healthy ones and it had nothing much to do with how they constituted themselves. I can tell you this much: if the side you're on can't manage one fucking blog post without revisionist history, smears, and accusations -- before you even have a name for your fucking party or even one member -- no one wil want to work with you. They will regard you as dangerous and toxic and builders of nothing anyone wants, if, in fact, they see you as anything but one more cudgel for beating people into neoliberalism. They will do everything they can to destroy whatever fucked up shit you're making before it grows. It is amazing how much bad blood and ill will you and your Jacobin pals are creating on the way to your dream of uniting the left. Self-awareness is really not your tribe's strong suit. Please, Jodi Dean, get a clue and tell your Jacobin buddies to do likewise. You may have powerful friends, but we really don't need another Democratic Party or another DSA. You need to win over radicals and you are really not doing that. Stop with this smeary shit or shut the fuck up.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2013 on Party in the USA: Optimism of the Will at I cite
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