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I'm a playwright with an MBA, and the answer to this case study, as it were, is: I don't know. The parameters are too vague. Specifics are needed to answer a question like this one. Instinctively, the creative in me says "HELL NO". But the other part of me says: "Well, what exactly are they asking for?" Say it's a school group and a student named Alice in that group had recently died in a gruesome accident, and in the play there's some throw-off line like "Alice deserved to die" in which it would do nothing to harm the play to change that name for a single performance to Vivian or Sally or whatever. In that scenario, change the line. But I don't think that's what's being proposed. What's being proposed has whiffs of religious censorship, in which case the creatives will almost always and rightfully say: "Sod off. Choose another show." But without the specifics, I daresay this question cannot be answered properly. But that in itself gives the real response: It's case by case.
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Apr 13, 2011