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Randy Ludacer
<p><script> /* Ultimate Age calculator script- By JavaScript Kit ( Over 200+ free scripts here! Credit must stay intact for use */ var one_day=1000*60*60*24 var one_month=1000*60*60*24*30 var one_year=1000*60*60*24*30*12 function displayage(yr, mon, day, unit, decimal, round){ today=new Date() var pastdate=new Date(yr, mon-1, day) var countunit=unit var decimals=decimal var rounding=round finalunit=(countunit=="days")? one_day : (countunit=="months")? one_month : one_year decimals=(decimals<=0)? 1 : decimals*10 if (unit!="years"){ if (rounding=="rounddown") document.write(Math.floor((today.getTime()-pastdate.getTime())/(finalunit)*decimals)/decimals+" "+countunit) else document.write(Math.ceil((today.getTime()-pastdate.getTime())/(finalunit)*decimals)/decimals+" "+countunit) } else{ yearspast=today.getFullYear()-yr-1 tail=(today.getMonth()>mon-1 || today.getMonth()==mon-1 && today.getDate()>=day)? 1 : 0 pastdate.setFullYear(today.getFullYear()) pastdate2=new Date(today.getFullYear()-1, mon-1, day) tail=(tail==1)? tail+Math.floor((today.getTime()-pastdate.getTime())/(finalunit)*decimals)/decimals : Math.floor((today.getTime()pastdate2.getTime())/(finalunit)*decimals)/decimals document.write(yearspast+tail) } } //Sample usage//displayage (year, month, day, unit, decimals, rounding) //Unit can be "years", "months", or "days" //Decimals specifies demical places to round to (ie: 2) //Rounding can be "roundup" or "rounddown" //displayage(1997, 11, 24, "years", 0, "rounddown") </script>Randy Ludacer is a<font color="#0033FF"> <strong> <script>displayage(1955, 1, 20, "years", 0, "rounddown")</script></strong></font>year old package designer.
Interests: songwriting, packaging, arcane color theory, polyhedra, indie garage pop
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Really nice. I love that they're thick enough to have sides. (Good tagline also: "WE SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF"!)
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