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We've tested a couple of pretty nice SIP phones for the iPhone. I'm particularly interested in SIP for the iPod Touch. In August, on vacation, I was already using iSip and OnSip together to enjoy calls on our deck using the Touch, an add on headset with mic, iSip and OnSip. In particular, I made a 30-minute call to a government office, speaking to two people and experiencing perfect quality. No one asked me to repeat or gave the usual "you're breaking up, sir" admonition, so I think this is a winning combination.
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2009 on iPhone VoIP Clients at VoIPWatch
We run a VoIP Users Conference weekly on Friday at 12 Noon EST. Iotum was one of our first guests last year in March, I think.
Andy, the VOIP Users Conference ( had Dan Berninger as our guest last Friday. The recording is in the archives, as are a lot of other interesting guests such as Mark Spencer and several major providers of services and hardware. Maybe you would like to call in one Friday at 9:30AM your time?