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SHORT TRACK DIRT CRITS in Ballwin I went back to Ballwin for my second attempt at the Short Track Dirt Crit. I had such a blast there a few weeks ago I signed up for the whole series hoping I'd be able to make it back. I'm glad I did. It was sweltering hot, but the course was fun, the spectators rowdy and the racing good. I rode Cat C again hoping to improve on my first week's results. I got an okay hole shot, but got pushed into the trees rounding the first hairpin on the long grass start. I went through the chicane and into the woods onto the singletrack somewhere around mid pack. 50 riders all vying for position with elbows flailing and flying made for an interesting first several hundred yards. I managed to pick off several through the woods and more across the creek crossing. I think at the end of the first lap I was probably about 15th. Things got more fun as my speed was better than most and I used a lot of my motorcycle racing passing techniques to continue to put more riders behind me. By lap 3 of the four I was really getting into it and set my sights on whoever's back I saw in front of me. Long story short, my endurance is getting better and my speed is improving with all the road riding I've been doing and I managed a podium third place finish. It was a hoot, albeit a pretty soaking wet hoot. I did the four laps in 22:21 about 5.5 minutes per. I hope to go back for one more next week and there is a rumor that they will reschedule the rained out event from a few weeks ago. Sign me up. Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2011 at Team Red Wheel
The Short Track Dirt Crits at Castlewood Park in Ballwin, Mo were a blast. I rode Cat C. All the classes were full with a 50 rider limit in each. If you're thinking about riding in these, look ahead and... Continue reading
Posted Jul 1, 2011 at Team Red Wheel
Thanks Bob. Had a great time. Taking the weekend off for some motorcycle trials and then try the Luau in St Charles next weekend. See you soon. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
Wanted to add a few more photos, but can't seem to make it happen. Stoney - oh great blog king and finisher of the Dirty Kanza - please advise. Thanks. Continue reading
Posted Jun 7, 2011 at Team Red Wheel
Sunday, while most TRW members were recovering from the Kansas experience I had the opportunity to try my first cycle cross race at the Ballwin Days - Blues and Bike Experience. I'd heard all sorts of tales about CX, but... Continue reading
Posted Jun 7, 2011 at Team Red Wheel
Hi everyone. This is Randy Blackwell - rookie member of Team Red Wheel. Nick asked me to send recaps of the races I've attended as a TRW teamster so here we go. Corey and Nick initiated me onto the team... Continue reading
Posted May 16, 2011 at Team Red Wheel
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May 15, 2011