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Randy Burge
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Jul 9, 2013
Thank you, John Hagel, for posting one of the most salient discussions on the essence of strategy formulation in today's hyper-changing worlds -- whether for individuals, organizations, or their enveloping systems.Your three questions and quick simple advice for each gives breadth and depth to core directional decision challenges: What is my differentiation?How can I maximize my leverage?How will we measure success?While I have often used elements of this process intuitively in seeing the whole strategic process in motion, you explain, crystalize, and validate it in ways I will refer to hereafter.Another perspective to add to the discussion mix that I came across recently via Dr. Ed Morrison at the Purdue Center for Regional Development distinguishes between strategic planning and strategic doing.Morrison/PRDC's strategic doing model advocates for and integrates an iterative learning/doing process into the standard strategic planning methods (applied to regional innovation by the PCRD), complementing your three-question discovery advice by my take.I am interested to read your thoughts about this PCRD adaptation as a tool to be used during the planning cycles encountered in answering your three questions. Thanks again for your insights! Sincerely, Randy Burge BizCatalytics Boulder, Colorado Following your musings via: Tw: @randyburge G+: Randy Burge FB: macroshift
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Jul 9, 2013