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First of all I love all your books and writings. I've commented before on some of your restaurant '"visits" in Paris. I live in Paris so I had to laugh when I heard your comment about e.g. gorgeres. I can't begin to tell you the number of times I've been told, we don't eat this hot or the French actually like their fries somewhat soggy ?!?!? Like I'm some kind of idiot. I've been telling my tourist friends you go to restaurant like jukes Verne, you go for the view not the food, but looks like you got more than you bargained for and not in a good way. I've stopped going to places like that favoring local ma/pa restaurant. Chapeau for your chutzpah to say it like it is. I'm now an even bigger fan of yours. BTW I once went to an Indian resto that is reputedly Alain Ducasse favorite Indian in Paris, the question needs to be asked, what was he thinking? It was awful.
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First and foremost, want to let you know I've always been a big admirer of yours. I love your blog. I especially love your comment above, "I think, is that too many Paris restaurants are resting on their laurels, as if they’re so convinced of their own superiority that they aren’t trying very hard. That seems to be happening alot lately in Paris with all the new "flavor of the month" restaurants that become so popular that people becoming blinded by the hype! or as you say "laurels." While there's no mistake Frenchies makes incredible food, the dining experience has to be about the whole experience, from the time you make the reservations to the time you leave the door. Yes, those types of restaurants exists in Paris, more so than not! Maybe because you're known, but the customer service or lack of is unacceptable. They have an "I don't care attitude" as it concerns reservations. And, the front of the house staff can be rude and unruly. If Chef Marchand would give half his attention to the customers as he does the food, then that restaurant would be great. We locals stay away. I think François Simon says it best in his recent write-up on this restaurant, calling it a "phantom restaurant" and easier to get into prison.
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May 6, 2012