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Beri, Did I miss something in the article? Where did she complain about her job? She said "Hard times and courage pushed me into the forest guard profession. But I seem to be ENJOYING it already." She talked of the challenges she faces in her job but I didn't hear her complain. The world is a tough arena and it's even tougher there in the forest. As a forest guard, one's life is in constant danger from the hardened poachers who consider the guards as an impediment to their trade and livelihood. It is therefore necessary for the guards, men, but especially women to be tough and look tough in order to avoid being intimidated by the poachers who are men for the most part. Besides let me remind you that some professions have strict dress codes and I'm sure that hers must be what is required of the guards. It is so easy for you and I to sit in our cozy room in some foreign country and criticize our brothers and sisters back at home because of how they look or dress up. I may be wrong, but from your comment, one can only deduce that you have such a barren heart with no compassion for other people, probably as a result of never having fended for yourself. You were spared the hard pangs of this life but please understand that not everyone is that lucky. At 29, this couragious African queen, must have shunned the prospect of moving to the city to "sell" her body for a few CFA. A mother of one(after having lost another), I think her job is quite a dignified way of providing for her family! Kudos!Leonad Berline, you're my true heroine.
SJ, Your point is well taken. No intelligent SCian will fall for this scam by the Commonwealth.
SJ, Your point is well taken. No intelligent SCian will for this scam by the Commonwealth.
THE WEST IS AN ACCOMPLICE! As other bloggers have mentioned above, Western countries, including such organisations as the IMF are also responsible for the endemic corruption in the Cameroons and other African states. If they are able to zoom in on a woman in Bda who jumped jail in the US, then tracking and repatriating our stolen wealth in their banks is but a mere piece of cake. While applauding the arrest of the 3 "aratas" we also take this opportunity to remind the West(for the umpteenth time) that our stolen wealth is right in their backyards. They should help ID those responsible for the looting and help repatriate this wealth back to its rightful owners. Failure to do this, then the pressure they keep exerting on these maniacal dictators and their thieving cohorts can only be interpreted as hypocrisy at its very best.
It's such a pity when one realises that simpletons like Riccardo et al keep thinking that the liberation of the Southern Cameroons shall be decided on this forum. It is even more pathetic to watch him foam in the mouth because one of his own (NAN) has crossed the carpet after having been shown the light. Like a "mbuh" house drunkard, he'll eternally keep coming up short because by every indication, he's already at a point of no-return on his chosen path of ignorance.
RIP Pa Nkwenti. With your tears and blood, you've left indelible footprints that will certainly lead us to our cherished goal- the self determination of Southern Cameroons. Let the colonizer fine-tune his intimidation and torture machinery, but nothing under God's sun will stop our resolve.
Even if by some stroke of magic the Cameroons became bilingual overnight, where each individual, young and old spoke perfect English and French, the fact remains that SC was illegally annexed by LRC. Even the sloganeering Camerounese and their slimy SCian bootlickers in this forum have never come up with any convincing evidence (or argument)to refute this fact. Now the dishonest Andre Fokam wants to convince us with figures from the Ministry of AT(or is it TA?) about the "high" participation of voters in the NW and SW. True to his Camerounese self, but how absurd that his source is the Ministry of TA, the very notorious election-rigging machinery of the regime in power.
Blessed is the one that giveth, and even more so who giveth anonimously and to someone unknown and in great need. This indeed is a noble deed worthy of praise and emulation. Whereas the tradition in our corrupt society is to sacrifice people to make money, this brother/sister in Europe has shown the fine example that God's way is to sacrifice money to make people.
Thanks Navigae Dungta, Your comment is an accurate picture of what prevails in the Cameroons. A close friend of mine worked with an organisation - Pure Love Alliance(PLA) that teaches abstinence before marriage and fidelity during marriage as the surest way to prevent HIV/AIDS. While assisting him a few years ago, I witnessed the traditional scramble during the short period leading to World Aids Day (December 1). It was a kind of free-for-all fight where these mushroom organisations or paper-NGOs for the most part wanted to grab a piece of the funds from the international donors. To get access to these funds, all that was required for some was a mere "connection" either in the Ministry of health or somewhere up the administrative ladder. Needless to mention that the loser here is the HIV/AIDS victim because instead of the funds being used for the intended purpose, the bulk of it is siphoned off into some private pockets. That Biya's government thrives on corruption is no news to the whole wide world. I earnestly hope that the next time some gov't official presents their usual bunch of lies at an international AIDs conference, the donors themselves should shout "liar, liar" straight in their face.
Dr Agbormbai spent a great deal of cyber time on this forum sometime last year trying to convince the world that Mukete was actually Bouddih Adams of the Post. It was common knowledge then that Mukete was a real thorn in Agbormbai's flesh, so feeling that his pride was bruised, our great DOCTOR then resorted to ridiculing Mr Bouddih's articles as mediocre. Just like with Mukete and Bouddih, now he's picked a new prey- SJ, equating him to Ambe Johnson, on the same premise that their style is the same. From such a man with GREAT ANALYTICAL SKILLS who readily and unwarrantedly waves his academics in everybody's face in this forum, I expect a little bit more in terms of proof the next time he goes 'unmasking' contributors here. Now that SJ has disproven him, I hope he finds time to come down from his high seat and apologize.
The Post, It looks to me this article has nothing to do with the caption under which it appears. Could you please verify and correct this nuance?
Mr Nke, You certainly have "GREAT ANALYTICAL SKILLS," and just like the infamous Riccardo, you seem like a well-programmed robot, determined to keep tampling on the history and legality on which the SC case is built. We have seen your ilk in this forum before - people who come with some "ready-made" recipe for the so called UNITY of the Cameroons. Keep on writing to amuse us, but sooner or later, it will dawn on you too that the unity you are advocating for is just past praying for.
Mr Nke, You certainly have "GREAT ANALYTICAL SKILLS," and just like the infamous Riccardo, you seem like a well-programmed robot, determined to keep tampling on the history and legality on which the SC case is built. We have seen your ilk in this forum before - people who come with some "ready-made" recipe for the so called UNITY of the Cameroons. Keep on writing to amuse us, but sooner or later, it will dawn on you too that the unity you are advocating for is just past praying for.
Mr Nke, You certainly have "GREAT ANALYTICAL SKILLS," and just like the infamous Riccardo, you seem like a well-programmed robot, determined to keep tampling on the history and legality on which the SC case is built. We have seen your ilk in this forum before - people who come with some "ready-made" recipe for the so called UNITY of the Cameroons. Keep on writing to amuse us, but sooner or later, it will dawn on you too that the unity you are advocating for is just past praying for.
Dear compatriots, Meki Mnam, Citoyen du Monde, Eric Kingue, Prestige Augustin are all the same person. I've been to some of these frog forums and this is a common tactic they use. Debate has never been an item on the frog's menu, so when confronted with facts, they simply vanish and keep re-incarnating under different IDs. Ma Mary, Paa Ngembus, Jean Pierre A, please keep this in mind as you keep tightening the nooze around these froggie necks.
Edimo, Thanks for the above post. This is just what we need to keep exposing the lies of LRC. To all those Southern Cameroonians still sitting on the fence, please wake up from your slumber.
A hearty THANK YOU to THE POST. I doff my heart to your team for a job well done. At times, emotions ran high and some of us blindly took it out on some members of your great team. Please forgive us and let's conclude 2005 on a high note. Cheers to all brothers and sisters who kept this forum alive, eventhough we might have disagreed, yet you truly made my day. I wish you all a merry Xmas and a great 2006!
This racket of fake salaries is an age-old and very complex issue. It has many facets, ranging from the deceased to those who have abandoned their jobs in the Cameroons for greener pastures but have continued to earn salaries with the complicity of their former bosses and/or family members. The fact that this racket has survived this long suggests that people in very high places are involved. They are the "untouchables" with roots in the ruling clan or the CPDM party. They are immuned and have been given a free pass to steal indiscriminately so long as they don't pose any political threat to the almighty Biya. Though some "foot soldiers"may be netted, the bulk of the "generals" involved in this scam are a no-go area and the PM Inoni knows his limits. So those who are expecting the list of the 500 ghost workers he announced at the beginning of his tenure might be in for a very long, if not indefinite wait. INCOMPETENCE is the trademark of the Biya regime and what hurts the most is that the poor Cameroonians, especially Southern Cameroonians are the ones paying the price as our natural resources are being drained for the pleasures of these crooks. To Mr Simon NL, Do the names Mouchipou Seidou, Titus Edzoa, Ondo Ndong(Cameroonians) mean anything to you? What about Mobutu Seseseko(former Zaire), Sani Abacha(Nigeria), etc, etc. These are people, who, due to their rapacity have brought their respective countries to ruin. Were these white people? Don't get me wrong, I know that we have suffered enormously in the hands of the so- called white man but I think we've come of age and it's time to start pointing the barrel of our guns in the right direction.
Felix, Did you get out of bed on the wrong side today? I suggest that you write in pidgin next time, so that nobody will have a headache like I did today trying to understand the jumble you wrote.
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2005 on ‘The Bamenda Man’ at Up Station Mountain Club
Riccardo, Spare us the gibberish! I had long come to the wise conclusion that it is worthless debating with you so long as you keep undermining the history of SC. You have great contempt for logical reasoning, the rule of law, your mind is too crowded with cheap slogans and you keep coming up short.
NAN, Whether you get it or not, extricating our nation, the SC from the stranglehold of your country, the annexationist LRC is not SECESSION strictly speaking. The federal union of 1961, as required, was never registered with the UN. According to international law, that union has no legal basis and when the the 2 states came together, each reserved the right to leave if things didn't move right. Why are you shedding crocodile tears now that we want to leave? LRC had seceeded from the union long time ago and we didn't cry like you? When Ahidjo violated the terms of the union with his scam of a referendum in 1972, where were you? When your chief crook Biya finally seceeded from the union in 1984 with his infamous decree, where were you? Since you are not so bad at reading English as you stated above, why not read the decree to your gov't and help explain to them in French that they are the SECESSIONISTS? You are flexible uh? I recommend to add just a little dose of honesty to it. Ask your gov't to organise a referendum in SC to gauge the feelings of the citizenry whether they want to continue in this purgatory of a union. You recommend a 4-state federation like the Canada model, but you do not want to give the anglophones the right to seceed if they so desire. All this for the sake of national unity eh? You must be such a great expert in the field of NATIONAL UNITY and I recommend that the Canadians who gave Quebec the option to seceed should come learn from you. Frankly my brother, you have absolutely nothing to offer, you are a wolf in sheep's clothing who with a typical french mentality and for the sake of so called national unity is determined to enslave us in a nation to which we don't belong.
NAN, The first impression you gave us when you joined this forum was that you were here to learn. In such a short time, it looks as if you have already graduated and now you have the audacity to call the respected Njoh Litumbe a DANGEROUS wise man. You have contantly labeled those advocating for the total independence of SC as unflexible because according to you, your SDF-style 4-state federation is the most ideal. Like the little animal with a deadly grip we call BUSH BABY in the Cameroons, you have not moved 1 inch from this your ideal model. I'm convinced that you have conveniently disregarded the historical and legal arguments raised here to lecture you on the fact the union between LRC/SC has failed because instead of treating us as equals for more than 4 decades, the SC and its citizens were treated by your successive gov'ts as second class citizens or some kind of POWs. Your countryman Riccardo has become ( in)famous for his repetitive ONE AND INDIVISIBLE CAMEROON slogan. You will soon follow suit with your 4-state SDF federation and your arrogant contempt for our history and the rule of law. I mean you have a right to air your opinions, but I think it will only be fair if I call you a hypocrite because you are quick to point out our lack of flexibility when we demand what is ours but you conveniently fail to see your own lack of flexibility as you hold on tight to your SDF-style 4-state crap.
Madame Biya is a great philanthropist no doubt, but the greatest puzzle is: where is the source of such huge sums of money?
Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o, LRC's Delegate General for National Security (as reported by The Post), Thursday, January 20, this year announced that a special squad to police the police would soon be put in place. Please someone remind me whether this squad was ever created and how many corrupt officers have been sanctioned so far. Or was this just one of their trademark ploys to win favor in the eyes of the international community by bamboozling it into thinking that LRC is serious about fighting corruption? The TI report only comes to confirm what all Cameroonians already know ...that corruption is deeply entrenched in all the facets of public life, and is even condoned in high places, giving the impression that it's a kind of life support neccessary to maintain the current system. Eventhough public servants are remunerated monthly for their services, it's no secret that on a daily basis the common Cameroonian must bribe them in order to benefit from such services. By all indications, gov't, instead of tackling corruption head-on is rather more bent on portraying a squeaky clean image to the international community, I won't be surprised if in the near future some other gov't officials came up with such ideas as: Creating a special customs squad to CUSTOMIZE the customs, a special squad of civil servants to CIVILIZE the civil servants, a special gendarme squad to "GENDARMIZE" THE GENDARMES, etc. Until such a day when LRC gov't officials, including the police, gendarmes, and the soldiers shall be brought to justice, not only for their corrupt practices but for their gross violations of human rights especially in Southern Cameroons, then can Biya be considered as serious.
I've lived a good chunk of my life in Douala. I still remember the advice my best friend gave me when I arrived. I'll quote him 1." Most Francophones, just like the French are belligerent and will take advantage of you when you are meek." 2, " Just like the French, they think that anything French is supreme." 3. "Just like the French, Logical reasoning is not their way of life and most differences are settled with the fist." 4. "Just like the French, 'open-eye' is the order of the day, but if someone ever tried to intimidate you, then hit them twice as hard. They will almost always give up, learn to respect you and will do everything to make peace with you ." I do not know about other people, but on a personal level, my experience in this part of the Cameroons and beyond have proven that my friend was right. If not all of these points, at least #3 has been manifested time and again by Riccardo et al. They have conveniently thrown away all logic and are forever determined to disregard the true history of their country (LRC) and that of the Southern Cameroons. Listen to their empty and sickening slogan of a "one and indivisible Cameroon" and you'll understand that these people are not here for a true debate, they are mean agents of provocation bent on seeking notice. To those Southern Cameroonians on this forum, who are truly concerned about the liberation of our fatherland, I'm appealing to all of you to ignore these 'agents provocateurs.' Every time you respond to their senseless bickering, they return with more childishness as if to mock our determination. Please take my old friend's advice; hit them twice as hard and the best way to do this is just to ignore them.