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Great post and discussion. Pricing is always a very important consideration for consulting and other services. I have found that setting the price high guarantees that the client will pay attention. The lower you set your prices for a service, the more likely the customer is to waste the investment they made with you. And if you charge enough so that they think seriously about what you're doing for them, I find that they're also likely to bring you back and spend more. More than money, clients HATE wasting their time. You pay more for an expert, someone that has evidence of doing it before, evidence of success, so you as a customer are likely to be successful, too. If they have to think seriously about the expense - good. But how do you get the job in the first place? Ah, but doing a lot of work for very little. Pay your dues, build experience and contacts. No secret there. There's a side benefit: clients learn quickly not to waste your time. Mine treat me like a lawyer - don't chit chat with him, he's charging $$$ per hour! Even when under project costs or retainer, they recognize the value of my time. I can be pleasant and friendly, but efficient is valued by all.
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Mar 5, 2010