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I love the part about how you went straight to the next level in your interview because of the photos you sent - good karma. Driving a school bus is an incredibly important job & I'm sure you have approached it with great kindness and seriousness. If only you didn't have to wake up so early, right?...
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Wow. What a great day! You accomplished a lot. I LOVE the photo of the kayak and the ferry in the fog. That could be a poster. And the photo with the camping trailer made me pause, too. I love campers, but have never seen one with an "outdoor" kitchen like that. Very interesting idea - probably frees up a lot of space inside, too. I was in Seattle twice. Once 25 years ago for part of a day, and once 15 years ago for 2 days. I've never been out to any of the islands in the Sound, however. That would be fun to do.
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At our cabin we see plenty of deer poop and that isn't it. Raspberries are one of the few fruits my wife will eat. Unfortunately they cost the equivalent of about $.10 each at the store here and the ones people grow in their yards are of very uneven quality. The ones in your photo look perfect. Nice to see some photos of your summer bounty!
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What an incredible gift you gave to your mother - the priceless walk down memory lane. I have a soft spot for looks backward in time like this. I would be incredibly fortunate to have one of my children do the same for me 30+ years from now. It was especially nice that your own children were there as well, adding another generation to the memories.
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I LOVE that museum. I went there the first time I was in Chicago, about 25 years ago, and then again in 2004 with the family. We were too busy with the college visit to see it again this past summer. From your photos it looks like they have modernized it a lot since 2004. But I remember those embryos from BOTH of my visits. They were the one thing that blew my mind and remembered the most vividly. It's amazing they have lasted this long.
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My mother is from a long line of family farmers and I spent lots of time on her family farm as a child (like traveling back in time to the 1930's). It was nothing like this. Family farms are still abundant in Minnesota, but they are becoming less common as generations change over, sell their farms to larger operations, and things become more "efficient". I agree with you that the factory approach, devoid of anything natural, is upsetting to see. I'll confess that we don't really go out of our way to target family farms to support, but then again, we don't eat a lot of meat either (we do drink LOTS of milk, however). I have a good friend who is a vegan (and probably the healthiest person I know). Every time she comes to visit I spend a little time contemplating the virtues of living that way myself. I could do vegetarian easily enough, but vegan would be a big step. I like cheese and butter - and milk chocolate. But if I had to, I could manage, and I would probably live longer, too. It's definitely an important conversation to have with the children.
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Wow. You certainly kept busy in Indiana, with lots of child-friendly activities and food (which is child-friendly in itself). I have to admit that I had no idea there was so much to see in Indianapolis. I confess to being guilty of the assumption that there is precious little of interest in the center (flat land) of the USA. That includes my own home state of course. It interests me because I know where to look, by I don't really expect it to interest others. I now hold Indiana in somewhat higher regard thanks to your blog. The girls look like they are enjoying the family connection, too. DId you enjoy the time you spent on the trip as well? Hopefully you were able to get more out of it than simply driving others to various activities and hoping they had a good time.
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Wow! What an amazing place! I LOVE that glass sculpture in the atrium! And it's great that you have that "now & then" comparison from visiting years ago. We have not done very many repeat visits, but whenever we do, I love to think about that comparison, take photos if possible, and mentally relive a favorite memory. That melted cheese sandwich trick was pretty clever. It reminds me of our "baked apple" experience in Winston-Salem last July.
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Given all that you do with/for the family, community, and volunteering, I can't imagine how you would find the time for a regular job! Forgive yourself for not being able to do it all. No one is superhuman. The girls look happy. That's what matters most. Hope you get & stay healthy...
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That's a really interesting (albeit, sad) story. I love how you went to the trouble of finding the old photos. I'm always fascinated by how houses and neighborhoods evolve over time. Too often it seems as if the evolution is toward something less special, but there are examples of thoughtful development, too. It's too bad that the layout of the new development could not at least preserve the original house as one parcel. Randy
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