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Randy Rapaport
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Brian, At least with Republicans you know what you are getting. The few, super wealthy families in Portland that have owned our waterfront industrial properties for decades or who have been acquiring more real estate in these areas tend to be democratic. And "god forbid" even bringing up the cost of cleaning up these industrial messes which they largely are responsible. Yes they are Democrats, along with union leadership, PERS officials, School board leaders, PDC execs, Oregon Supreme Court, and most of our leadership. A trend that we will be discussing, but not from the Oregonian, is more people are going to be unable to afford to pay their property tax bills. I'm talking about the lower 50% of the population regarding median family income, or the bottom 50%. It's a rapid downward spiral once a homeowner stops paying these prop taxes because of interest and fees. Housing rents are going up at about twice the rate of inflation and triple the family income growth rate. This is not a sustainable trend. We need 1000's of affordable and workforce housing units developed in Portland over the next decade to increase the supply of housing which is our only chance of keeping rents from continuing to rise much faster than the rate of inflation. The only real solution is a radical change of leadership at all levels of government, both local and state to new leaders with integrity whose decisions are not compromised by a the wealthiest families and corportations in Oregon.
Another microcosmic statement informing late capitalism. It is a mistake from the unconscious architecture to the size of the store. Thank goodness for New Seasons.
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Apr 6, 2011