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The gall they have to even pinch the same photo, how do they think that they can get away with it. Well spotted Graham!
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Hi Graham voles a big problem here especially winter time. We use snap traps baited with licorice. Caught 30 in two days with 10 traps. Watch out for your podophylums as they love these and dig right down and eat the roots as well. They are petty good at mowing off ornamental grass as well. Good luck!
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Grow a lot of bamboo in the garden and found hordes of ladybirds hibernating in culm sheaths on them hopefully a lot less aphids this year.
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If looking at bamboo look at Fargesia rufa 6ft. Fargesia Robusta up to 12ft. For shade you could try some of the more drought tolerant epimediums, Pachysandra, cylcamen, Saruma Henrii. As far as another climber is concerned you could look at Holboellia latifolia.
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Feb 23, 2011