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Always Sunny resumes on Thursday
Yes!!!!!! Alan Gordon is FINALLY cap-tied, you guys
Are we being Homelanded by the Germans? It feels like we may be getting Homelanded by the Germans.
That is the ugliest referee top I've ever seen
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2012 on Americans Abroad: A Look Ahead at Soccer By Ives
Would have to agree... I'd put the stadium experience up against any other in the US in any sport. They did an amazing job with that place, should be a great one on 10/16
How often has he had his core players all healthy / available at the same time? Bradley, Donovan, and Dempsey have not had many (if any) chances to all be on the field together, which likely leads to a more guarded approach due to the lack of proven and trustworthy replacements. Given time (which after not even 18 months yet) the system should improve. There's been hints here and there and while not a fullscale change, they're heading in the right direction.
Well poop. Going to have to scalp / Craigslist / StubHub sometime in the next few weeks.
Just get the win and move on. Shouldn't any more difficult than that.
Glad I have directv in this instance... hopefully beIN will recognize their goal of being a global sports network and become a normal option in most providers' packages in the US. They seem to have deep enough pockets to chase that down
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2012 on USA vs. Jamaica: A Look Ahead at Soccer By Ives
Need more possession & distribution somewhere in there. Jones and Beckerman shouldn't be terrible at that, but I'd worry about linking the midfield to the forward line with this set up.
The real risk for Dempsey going to LFC is in the fact that honestly, how long can Rodgers be assured of having a job there? It's a club that still things its 'big' but doesn't back it up with results (or spending, lately) for that matter. I think he could fit in well there with Suarez, but if it falls apart and Rodgers gets the boot, he's back to all those Fulham years of trying to impress a new manager again... if the new one even rates him enough to keep him.
I don't see LFC being any type of lock for CL any time soon... Deuce is better off looking in France or Spain if he wants that guarantee it looks like... If Malaga wasn't such a shitshow that'd be a good spot for immediate CL time.
Great angle.. good for him. :18 - is that a new US hoops jersey in the upper-rightish area? Could be something else but kind of looks like it.
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2012 on Must-See Goal: Mix Diskerud at Soccer By Ives
Hopefully it works out for him. Always a defensively sound team, so he'll have a fight breaking in and keeping a spot I'm sure. Dempsey seems to be getting closer every day... but not finished yet:
Who's the second Giggs?
Given the distance I was pretty impressed by Beckham's accuracy. Given the situation I don't think this is a big deal. Nobody is in any danger of being physically maimed by a soft punt of a ball
Given's on the wrong side of the career arc, I'd think Guzan is a much better option longterm. I know Given "has a knock" but he certainly wasn't overly impressive in Ireland's opener.
Good to see him playing so well for both club & the Nats. Moving up in Italy seems like a very real possibility, would be interesting to see him somewhere like Spain to improve on the technical skill even more. Still have yet to see a really successful USMNT stint in Espana. Maybe somewhere like Atletico Madrid or even Malaga would be a good fit.
That may be a reason to try and keep Torres out there, to maintain some possession at least.
Possible but doubt JK sees LD as that. He's obviously one of our greatest ever and the best combination guy we have working with others, but Deuce is more of a playmaker 1 v 1.
I'm really steamed that Bornstein keeps getting snubbed, you guys.
Adu's like our version (albeit less talented at this point) of Riquelme for Argentina, just hard to find a spot for him. We play a more physical, direct style that's not well suited to his skills and lack of speed. He needs to improve his two-way game to stand any shot of making a major impact for the Nats.
Say if he does get called up to Germany and takes it. Where does that rank him on the list of "turncoats" (e.g. Rossi, Subotic, etc) that people will troll up now? Would have to think rather high considering he actually denied any desire to switch as well as actually played 8 matches for the Nats.
That doesn't really hold... he just signed a new contract. That was the primary pressure before, and there will be tons of players playing in WCQ matches, the Euro's, etc. that teams can't hold back for; Nurnberg aren't a CL team or a top club, so how can they honestly exert that much pressure? The kid is waffling, and needs to man up.
Disappointing on Chandler... hope he comes around. Only so many fatigue / rest excuses you can give before people start to get the picture.