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Rate Crimes
Not in Arizona
Bringing Transparency to the Economics of Energy
Interests: Sustainable living, renewable energy, design, music, bicycling
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In response to Mr. Kavanagh's three, easily refuted points: #1: The Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station sits above an aquifer that has long been in overdraft. The water consumed at the PVNGS is evaporated and scattered to the winds in a final use. #2: *If* Sen. Kyl is a water expert, he apparently remains ignorant of solar technology. While a few solar technologies do consume water in operation, myriad other prevalent solar technologies consume nearly no water. Arguments such as Sen. Kyl’s are misleading and appear to be disingenuous. #3: William Tucker promotes the falsehood that nuclear energy has zero carbon emissions, while avoiding the issue of the enormous amounts of water consumed by nuclear energy. Hardly, “a fair review of the pluses and minuses of all types of power”. William Tucker is a propagandist.
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"Phoenix will tread sunshine" Great phrase!
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2010 on The 2010 thing at Rogue Columnist
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As an Arizona resident from 1990 until I escaped to Seattle in 2008, Jon's voice has been, and is again a great comfort. When his voice was first heard in Arizona, it was like a cool, fresh breeze slicing through a hazy, brown, toxic cloud. For someone who eschews professional sports, Jon represented the Arizona team I could finally cheer! For too brief a time, some of us were able to retain hope for Arizona’s future. That hope emigrated. Arizona is hazier than ever. That said, it’s much more difficult to walk Seattle’s streets in half-naked bliss.
Toggle Commented Dec 19, 2009 on Phoenix and Seattle at Rogue Columnist
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Dec 18, 2009