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RatedR47 shared a video on YouTube at GeekWeek
May 13, 2010
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I stole this idea off another guy but these are the ones I made. You love it don't you? I thought you would.
May 13, 2010
RatedR47 shared a video on YouTube at GeekWeek
May 13, 2010
I think Distortion is the best of the three but it's bottle makes it indistinguishable from the regular dew. White out is pretty not delicious and has little flavor at all. Typhoon taste EXACTLY like the old Tropical Gatorade but carbonated. I am disappointed with this round of the DEWmocracy as VOLTAGE is one of the greatest beverages ever to be created.
Great piece here. This Johnny Cash song is fantastic.
Yes, you are. You COULD say that Jordan never acted that way but you'd be wrong. Jordan also got every call in the history of ever and still had to act like that from time to time. LeBron is the name on the marquee for the NBA so he should enjoy a bit of the rub that comes with it.
1st LOL @ Books > Women That being said I checked the website for this series out and there is no LOST in print or in the works? For shame I say.
This article would be better if I had any idea what "Our Little Genius" was.
Toggle Commented Jan 8, 2010 on Fox Postpones OUR LITTLE GENIUS at GeekWeek
Why not bring back some shows that got axed? Southland went to TNT or I'd suggest it, but Life definitely was a good show that met an early fate because of this garbage.
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2010 on NBC Cooling On Jay Leno at GeekWeek
That sounds like something an O&A fan would say.
I am reposting this from a forum I posted it on earlier.: Howard is being an absolute piece of shit about this whole situation. I turned on the WCF so i could hear how they approached this news coming out. "I'll wait for Artie to call me." WHAT A FUCKING JOKE. Do y'all remember when they had the "I'm not your Bro" fight? Artie accused Howard of not giving a shit about his problems and instead exploiting them for the benefit of the show. If this doesn't prove his point nothing will. When Artie needs the help, needs the attention, needs the acceptance of the Stern Show family they turn a blind eye to it. DISGUSTING. If Howard really gave a shit he'd be there for him. How much do you want to bet that Robin has been in daily contact with Artie's family throughout this ordeal? She'll never admit it on the air but I'd be shocked if that weren't the case as they have an actual off-the-air friendship.
I listened to this last night and Cornette was pretty much spot on. Although at one point he said that there were absolutely no redeeming moments on Impact whatsoever. I disagree as I continue to find what they do with The Black Pope to be the highlight of the night. "His Chocolate Cup of Saving Grace" shined even while sharing the screen with a bum like Orlando Jordan.
I hope there will be GENE PARMESEAN! AHHHHHHH!!!!!
It pretty retarded to play with a different set of rules in the playoffs than were used to determine the participants.
This was my most anticipated (post UFC 100) match-up. Very good news.
Toggle Commented Jan 5, 2010 on UFC: Evans/Rampage Update at GeekWeek
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Jan 5, 2010