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Ratpack Slim
OKC, OK, Earth-2
Slam poet. Pop culture pundit. Total Nonstop Wordsmith.
Interests: zombies, comic books, video games, beer, spoken word, mma, performance poetry, professional wrestling, glee, cover songs, the tao of e. costello
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Every so often, The USB Boys like to bring a little bit of culture to the unwashed geek masses. A rumination on Benjamin Grimm: You're a rough beast with a Bethlehem slouch. A bullet-pocked brick wall weeping. Your footsteps are thunder gravel; your eyelids, mechanical shutters. How long did it... Continue reading
Posted Apr 21, 2010 at GeekWeek
Maybe when I worked at a certain now-defunct megastore that maybe rhymes with Sturgeon, maybe a certain Number 10 pick would come in and be excited because maybe we had a good selection of ass porn. And maybe that was pretty hot.
Hmmm. I'd say it's a three-parter, because all three of those ideas sound cool, and I'm always looking for good looking shirts to rock. I'd say do current first, then the best you've owned, and the Best Ever. I think I'm down to a TNA Christian Cage shi't rt and my Guerrero tribute tee. Just ordered the classic NWO shirt. Would die for a shirt with JUST the Straight Edge Society logo. That weird cartoony Punk on the front of the new one ruins it for me. And as much as I don't really care for him as a talent, I have to say that Cena has had a few good ones...
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2010 on LYT on the T's of TNA at GeekWeek
I need that Anderson Tee! In the poem I did for TNA's "Spin Cycle", I have a line that says "The real world is faker than professional wrestling" (cribbed from Mick Foley, credit where credit is due), so I obviously have an affinity for the message... Also, re: the Affliction ripoffs...TNA has a few of their TNA logo shirts that strike me as Affliction-esque. I think Nash was sporting one on TV last week. LYT, we need the LYT's Top Ten Wrestling Tees post!
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2010 on LYT on the T's of TNA at GeekWeek
I am Gleeking MAD that I am not in LA right now.
And I will listen to any man who managed Abyss. Welcome aboard, Mr. Mitchell.
I'm also entranced by that possibly racist cat in the background. Hell is sure decorated funny.
Bonus points to anyone who can name the poet I ripped off. Office Space: The Poem. 1. so much depends upon a red stapler (mine) labeled as swingline left alone by lumbergh 2. I have taken the stapler that was on milton's desk and which he was probably using for... Continue reading
Posted Feb 4, 2010 at GeekWeek
I am in love with that intro. Someone get me the series, stat!
Did he say "stab me with my sharpened bones"? Ryan Reynolds is okay in my book.
straight THUGGIN'.
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2010 on Gary Coleman: The Mug Shot at GeekWeek
Why is it that I am more excited about this 30 minute short than anything else this year?
I found out that the longer you live in Los Angeles, the more people you know who have Andy Dick stories, myself included. Someone should collect them and put them in a book titled "Dickies".
Toggle Commented Jan 24, 2010 on Dick By Name, Idiot By Nature at GeekWeek
Luke, if you're talking the slo-mo wide shot with all the other wrestlers, that's MVP. Next to Kane.
Long live the Gute.
I'm sorry: Black Lightning? Halo? They're fighting THE OUTSIDERS???
TNA started with a regular ring, and most of their homegrown talent (AJ, Joe, Daniels) were veterans of the indy circuit and they've all worked those rings in PWG, ROH, etc. I echo Luke in that the cages and such will have to be reconfigured, but that's the choice they made. We'll see how it goes tonight...
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2010 on First Look: New TNA Four-Sided Ring at GeekWeek
Ever since I heard Z-Trip mix Janis Joplin and DJ Shadow, I have been a sucker for mash-ups. When video games do it, it tends to be more along the lines of Marvel Vs. Capcom or Super Smash Brothers, where Solid Snake can whomp on Pikachu all damn day. This... Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2010 at GeekWeek
Ben Gibbard singing the Breakfast Club theme. I think my emo just melted.
My chest is beet red just from watching this. Mercy!
It's damned rewarding to see that. And I just watched TNA Epics, so I know about rewarding.
Toggle Commented Jan 15, 2010 on KIMMEL BLASTS LENO TO HIS FACE!!! at GeekWeek
Uh, was that (old school) Sandman in the trailer? NICE.
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2010 on Iann Robinson On SMALLVILLE & J.S.A. at GeekWeek
Penney Design has done a series of Atari 2600 style covers for contemporary movies. I've seen a version of this concept with classic literature and modern video games, but I feel like this wave really captures it: To wit: You're welcome, Geekweekers. Continue reading
Posted Jan 13, 2010 at GeekWeek