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Yesterday, obviously, was a wild day for me on Twitter. The equivalent of JOM getting an Instalanche. I can't read through the board so I'll just note a couple of quick comments and try to review as much as possible as we lead into Thanksgiving. Thanks, MM, for that link at 7:52 p.m. -- I had not seen that. I actually have a tweet thread on Threadreader. Yeah, baby! * * * RG @ 7:23 Hey RG. I am aware of you spreading that rumor about Powell being appointed Special Counsel but I haven't seen anyone I follow on Twitter mention it. It's a plausible theory based off her comments about going after Kemp and the SecState for quid pro quo kickbacks from Dominion. Posted by: Tom R | November 23, 2020 at 07:28 PM * * * I do think it's a bit fanciful, RG. so's this [Marshall Report -- Sidney Powell as Registered Military Lawyer for Tribunal Purposes] Posted by: clarice | November 23, 2020 at 07:34 PM Tom R, we're at war and there are multiple components to the battle. Plausibility matters. Clarice, it may well be fanciful. BFD. Right? Here's the important thing for me: it doesn't have to be Sidney. In fact, it matters not if it's Sidney. What's important is that it *is* an arrow in the quiver . . . and *no* one is talking about Trump as if he has any weapons at his disposal. No one is talking about Trump as if there's a declared national emergency that gives him massive power. No one is talking about Trump revolutionizing our military and essentially creating Special Operations as a new branch of our military service, equal to Space Force. That's a hell of an array of shiznit to *not* be talking about, all of which is relevant to this election theft. Seems stupid as hell to me, YMMV. And henry, did you mean that strawman comment? 1. an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent's real argument. 2. a person regarded as having no substance or integrity. Words matter in my world, so let me say this: you might be the first MoFu I shoot on the battlefield. The Chinese and the Globalists, not to mention the Deep State, are banking on just that kind of negativity, just that kind of Tucker Carlson stupidity to damage our morale. And yes, damn what you think, it's stupidity in this war to go down the road you went down. * * * And last but not least, Example 50-11 why the anal-retentive might as well just step aside. Not sure why you've decided to lash yourself to the mast of the SS Tucker Carlson, TK, but you've never been afraid to buck the tide. Unlike the Profiles in Courage who don't call out RG on his Sidney Powell special prosecutor acid trip nonsense. Posted by: Captain Hate | November 24, 2020 at 09:17 AM Thanks, Captain. You, too, TK. This happy warrior -- priorities, remember? -- will continue to march.
Some states like Georgia allow private citizens to initiate criminal complaints How would Powell/Wood get subpoena power in Georgia? If the outcome of a Federal election was subverted via criminal acts why wouldn't the DOJ have jurisdiction? Posted by: Tom R | November 23, 2020 at 02:22 PM You know there are rumors floating around that Sidney Powell, former Assistant United States Attorney, has been or soon will be named Special Prosecutor with subpoena powers . . . right? Trump has MASSIVE powers that have not been knowingly deployed. That can only mean one thing: y'all should be exceedingly confident.
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I don't know if y'all saw it earlier but today my Twitter account exploded. I'm now well over 20,000 followers. All because of a tweet thread (19 tweets and one Bull Gator addendum) that will not surprise y'all at all. Do not underestimate Donald Trump, ladies and gentlemen, he's drawing Joe Biden in for the kill. That's what his GSA move is to me. As for my thread, it recounts, again, a flavor and tone that y'all have likely read from me and my optimism before. And my optimism is undiminished.
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MM @ 6:33 Well, that's disappointing. He shouldn't be doing that. Give them NOTHING, prior practice be damned. Posted by: James D. | November 23, 2020 at 06:40 PM Damn, I hope y'all haven't gone all defeatist on me. He *should* do this. And it's beautiful he's doing it this week. It's a signal to me that he's getting ready to drop a nuclear bomb on that fool. By the way, y'all -- where's Hunter Biden, hmmmmmmmm ???
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I'm tolerating no more foolishness from anyone talking stupid shiznit. No one. And "time to move on" is number one on my list of stupid shiznit.
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Honestly, I'm at the point where I say we hang the "time to move on" Republicans first.
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RG, he said he was "leaning strong Biden" on Twitter. Posted by: James D. | September 02, 2020 at 09:38 AM * * * * * Ummmmmmmmmmm . . . you cannot be serious. In fact, I don't believe that. Anyway, let me know if y'all can click this link and see the image of my offending tweet (thanks for the effort, Porchlight). sbw, around 1 p.m. I'm supposedly off suspension. Hopefully no one has been perpetrating as the world famous RG !!!
Did PhotoBucket stop allowing free use of their site to post a photo to the web? Anyway, the link included in my tweet goes to this thread (if it is still there -- I've already deleted my tweet but saved an image of it; if I find a way to post it here I will do so): For all I know, this woman who tweets at that address may have been suspended too.
I've certainly noticed his somewhat balanced skepticism on Twitter. I have no problem with that. We all need to keep a healthy skepticism, even when a heavy Trump partisan. And I do consider myself a *heavy* Trump partisan. But I never thought of him as a Never Trumper. Even though I do remember multiple curious comments in multiple topics that struck me as conclusory. Anyway, kudos -- still -- to TM for his efforts, this site, and our shared community.
But in the meantime, did I read an earlier comment correctly: y'all think TM is a NeverTrumper !?!
I'm multitasking this morning but waiting to try and get a photo positioned so I can post my "offending" comment. I'm not experienced with running afoul of their algorithm but I think it could be that *my* comment wasn't the problem. It could be they flagged what they thought was a problematic comment in a thread I either started or participated in, I simply don't know and don't much care.
Test. Twitter has suspended me for a few hours so I'm taking that as a sign I haven't spent enough time lately with my JOM family. But since I log on here via my Twitter account, time to see if that process still works. If y'all can see this, I'm good to go. Narciso, please send me an eMail addressing your prior submission to me and I promise I will hunt it down this morning.
Good morning, good people. What a glorious day. The best day after a political convention ever !!! It had to be, given it follows the best political convention ever. Four straight days of knockout punches. I'm honestly blown away by how well they did.
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Let freedom ring with prodigious respect for Jeff Sessions, CH! * * * Don't think so. You claimed that Sessions was a key ingredient in taking down the deep state and DJT was in his corner 100% despite his recusal. That last statement is obviously not true and the first one's on a shaky foundation. Ultimately I wanted for Sessions to be vindicated but that hasn't happened as Trump is openly campaigning for his primary opponent. I don't know how more obvious it could be that DJT wasn't pleased with his performance as Attorney General. It was and is a huge job and being in that den of dawdlers called the US Senate for a long time wasn't the best job training. Posted by: Captain Hate | July 04, 2020 at 03:53 PM No, what I recall claiming about Sessions is that he was an outstanding Attorney General and he protected President Trump from a damn good trap that had been set -- even if the Prez doesn't know how to publicly acknowledge that or, for strategic reasons, doesn't *want* to publicly say so. To me, he unquestionably protected 45 from that trap. Anyone claiming otherwise necessarily dismisses the tremendous level of opposition to Trump that Sessions had to deal with. Opposition that CONTINUES to reveal itself even at this late date. It's remarkably foolish to do so when not only Ed Meese has acknowledged how good Sessions was, so has Mike Mukasey and our current A.G. William Barr. That's three respected names. Just wondering, can you read and give *them* some credence CH? GUS ??? [1] Ed Meese, January 30, 2018 Jeff Sessions is the most underrated member of the Trump administration The Attorney General has returned law and order to the Department of Justice — and the United States. [2] Hans A. von Spakovsky, November 13, 2018 The Legacy of Jeff Sessions * * * But, hey . . . y'all know better. I mean, he was just a squish, right GUS? Good grief.
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New thread
Still waiting for those magic three words from RG on Jeff Sessions. Isn't hubris a sin? Definitely a human failure of character. Posted by: Captain Hate | July 04, 2020 at 10:39 AM So, the Sessions question has been settled? Really? What, pray tell, *is* the question that has been settled ??? Maybe we're talking past one another.
The genius was to take the supposed strength of the opposition — demeaning of representations of great Americans — and turn it against them. More genius to salvage schooling from public curricula and shatter misrepresentations of the media lens. Being "offended" by the past is no longer the weapon Leftist activists and politicians hoped to use against America. Posted by: sbwaters | July 04, 2020 at 09:19 AM Agree 100% -- and your brilliant idea about multiple gardens around the country is right on the money!
So . . . where do y'all think that new Statuary Garden should be placed? I'm very biased, of course, but I say it should go somewhere in the Orlando area. Already the family vacation center of the nation and drawing the most visitors, we should make that teaching tool available to the masses where they already go.
Thanks, henry. Egotistically speaking, I agrees ;-) I'm not sure if this link will work but if it does -- for those here who haven't met this Florida Boy -- y'all can hear my voice: Family and friends have been very positive. My target is September. I plan to get aggressive in my search for VoiceOver work around that time but I won't be crushed if it never happens.
Catsmeat! Yeah, I know. But that doesn't lessen my frustration. I saw a video done by Scott Adams today. Interesting discussion but he said the debate is over, the science is conclusive, masks unquestionably help. Wut ??? But this explains why the President has to prudentially address the crazy issue of masks. No one has yet explained to me how it is Sweden doesn't have crazy deaths with no masks, no shutdowns, merely prudential precautions undertaken. Or why the decline in deaths, the steady decline in deaths since April, doesn't end this discussion.
Oh, sorry bruh. I'll go back and check it out no later than tomorrow.
Narciso, forgive me but I'm drawing a total blank. You sent me something via eMail?
Hello, MM. JiB, did you happen to see that video from the Clay County Sheriff the other day? Deputizing county residents if trouble breaks out? That's the suburban county where I grew up. I don't think Jacksonville is going to have an issue. As I've said to many, Jax ain't Plastic City Orlando, it ain't Cigar City Tampa, and it ain't Capital of the Americas Miami. It's True Blue, I Love America territory. Antifa can bring the bullshit if they want to, they will regret it. To my great pride, even law enforcement down in Miami has not been putting up with any craziness.
Lyle, my man! I still can't quite get the hang of this cookin' thang but I am making slow progress. Happy 4th of July, everybody.
I'm good, Narciso. Wife still driving me crazy because the damn Democrats have convinced her and many in her crowd that the virus, the virus, the virus is going to get me because I refuse to wear a damn mask. I honestly and seriously want to crack some damn skulls.