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". . .If you can find a store." `Best part, in my opinion.
I don't want Facebook integration. Frankly, I despise that everything is being merged with Facebook in some way. So no-- I won't help.
There's no way you can get more than 8 rentals from Netflix per month on the 1-out-at-a-time plan unless you're watching in the morning and returning at the post office the same day. If you're using your own mailbox and watching like a normal person, though: Monday: Movie arrives. Watch it. Tuesday: Drop in mail. Wednesday: Netflix gets it. Sends out next one. Thursday: Movie arrives. Watch it. Friday: Drop in mail. Saturday: Netflix gets it. Sends out next. Sunday: No mail. So for most people, on a month without a postal holiday they'll get EIGHT movies for the $7.99 + tax they're paying to Netflix. So I don't get where you guys are coming up with 30-60 cents per disc. That seems impossible unless you're counting the streaming in that equation. If you're doing 1 disc at a time, you're getting the exact same deal as Redbox, but with more waiting in exchange for a better selection.
To be fair to Netflix, Hulu's streaming on non-computer devices simply sucks. You pay extra for Hulu Plus and they still won't stream several shows on iOS, Xbox 360, or other devices. So it's not like Hulu Plus users have any damn choice. If you want to watch certain shows, you have to watch them on PC.
I'm so glad Netflix is using the 60% rate increase to build themselves a fancy new HQ instead of something useful like more streaming movies.
Yeah... Not seeing how this is any improvement over paying $7.99 to Netflix for DVDs. Unless you want games, or are worried about the newest releases (which are just as easy to get at Redbox) this is actually a step in the wrong direction. Why would I pay Blockbuster $2 more per month for slower service (They don't have as may distro centers) and censored videos (yes, they still do that) when I could stay with Netflix and get a wider selection of older titles (Blockbuster doesn't like filling their shelves with anything that's too old) and faster service? Yes, I dropped the DVD portion of my Netflix account. I think the price increase was awful. But Blockbuster's "special price for Netflix customers" is still crap. It's asking for more money than Netflix is, and not giving me anything I really care about. I'd rather just get my new releases from Redbox, and go to the mom & pop store to get older titles.
Netflix has been screwy all day. No luck calling them, either. Earlier today, I had a lot of trouble even logging in. I still can't log in through Windows Media Center. Starz Live channel is also borked. Netflix is totally messed up, it seems.
@mnxmfan Blockbuster (whom I hate) is not $4 a night. Older titles are 99 cents per rental now that they've gone bankrupt a couple times. And besides, we still have Redbox which offers 99 cent rentals, and mom & pop stores that are trying to stay competitive. WE HAVE OPTIONS. What doesn't make sense is paying $8 per month for DVDs when I can't possibly get any more than two per week with the current mailing speed. That's breaking even with Redbox IF I watch and return the same day. If I want to keep movies out, or wait until tomorrow to watch them, or just get one RIGHT NOW, Redbox is beating Netflix for new releases. Blockbuster is beating Netflix for older titles. And for people like me, who do streaming and get TWO or maybe three DVDs per month, an additional $8 is a total rip-off. I'm not paying $8 for three DVDs when I can get them for $3 from other sources. The problem is that Netflix didn't give us a limited DVD + unlimited streaming option. Sometimes, you HAVE TO get the DVD because it's not on streaming. That's really the only time I rely on DVDs. The rest of the time streaming is fine. So what do I do now? I pay for streaming only, and if a movie is DVD-only, I just SKIP IT because I can't swing another $8 a month for "just in case" something isn't on streaming. If streaming had everything, then it would be worth $8 a month. It doesn't. If one-out-at-a-time DVD rental could come faster than twice a week, it might be worth $8, but it doesn't. They've gone from being competitive to being, at best, on par with Redbox pricing, and at worst, MORE EXPENSIVE than Redbox and Blockbuster. They needed a discount to bundle streaming and DVD, and they failed to do that. 30,000+ comments on the Facebook page disagree with you and Netflix. This was a bad move. They didn't take the customer into consideration AT ALL.
The Netflix blog hit the 5000-comment limit, and 99.5% of those comments are angry, "I'm going to cancel" comments. The Netflix page on Facebook is hovering at 30,000 comments, 97% of which are angry "I'm going to cancel" comments, but there's also evidence that Netflix is deleting comments pretty quickly, too. This was a bad move. Bad PR. Bad for their customers who were at the lowest tier (and who were probably there because they didn't have much money to budget toward entertainment in the first place) and bad for the stockholders. They really should have made a bundle that lets people have unlimited streaming and two DVDs per month for $10 -- There are just so many titles that aren't on streaming, it's hardly fair to charge full price for a crippled service.
I noticed they have the $4.99 DVD plan that allows two rentals per month and limited streaming, but you can't combine it with the $7.99 unlimited streaming plan. That's kind of unfair. What if I only want two DVDs a month, but want unlimited streaming? I'm stuck paying $16 instead of $13 just because they didn't include a tier for that? I'm dropping DVDs, then. Screw this. I'll buy used DVDs from the local used media dealer or various online sources. This was an awful move, Netflix. You're making me seriously consider Amazon.
Well, this is just plain unpleasant. It's way too much of an increase. I will be dropping the DVD plan (which is, of course, Netflix's goal) and switch to streaming-only. If I want DVDs, I'll have to buy them used instead of renting them, I guess. I won't rent from Blockbuster, and Redbox doesn't carry anything that isn't a new release or popular hit. Forgive my lack of decorum, but this is a dick move by Netflix.
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Jul 12, 2011