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Wil, it was awesome to see you again! My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the storytime session. I had read all of what you presented but hearing it from you made it way better. My husband had not read them and I got to watch in anticipation to his reaction to There is a Monster in my Closet. So precious. I'd like to ask a favor...could I get a picture of you in the TARDIS mitts I made you since I did not get a chance to get a picture of you in them?
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Interestingly enough we just did that without gaming group. Life hit a bunch of us and two of us had kids in the last year...we got together on Friday and it was glorious. Yup, and now we feel the need to do it again.
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I'm all about the gnarled oak cardi...I'm still looking for the first sweater to make myself and this looks really tempting.
I'm the wife of a homebrewer and I've had a brewery in my house for almost 10 years. Its awesome to come home to a tapped keg of home brew and its great. My hubby made me a faboo imperial stout for my welcome home with baby (the baby you signed at PHXCC btw)and its heaven to request a beer and get to drink it. My big advice is bottle in 22oz bottles. Makes it go quicker, less to clean and you always want another beer after only 12 oz...why not have a big beer.
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BTW, I'm the girl that wanted a picture of you and me and my knitted sock from Phoenix Comic Con. Okay, things I noted for inside jokes: 1) You can not haz. 2) Lots of Jedi/padawan references 3) Probably some Conan references in there but I'd need to listen again (oh, darn!) It was awesome to hear you do all of the voices and it was a pleasure to listen to on my commute yesterday. Thanks!
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Sep 29, 2010