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Sarcastic comment first: if you want to lose weight, fall in love :). You hit the nail on the head without realising it: "what works for me ..." Many years ago, i read a book called "The Metabolic Typing Diet" and the basis of this was that by assessing what foods work for you and when, your body will function better and digest them better and you will fall to your natural weight. I gave the book to a couple after I finished with it. They were both active people, but both larger than they should be. Turns put that she was a carbohydrate lover and he was a protein lover. By cooking the same amount of food, but she ate what her body enjoyed and he ate what he enjoyed, they both lost weight. It started with the assumption that doctors dont really understand the human body and that every body has a unique stomach size and shape anyway so why should we all eat meat and two veg for meals?
You have a micro 4/3? The camera that with an adaptor can take any lens since the beginning of time? Why not an FD or Nikon F mount manual focus lens, such as 70-210 or 105 f2.0 or 135 f2.8 lens? Each is usually under $100. Or the Pentax equivalent, or Olympus?
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Jun 12, 2012