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Finally a group of developers that understand what "user friendly" really means.
So now you can get even worse quality than before when streaming for the same price. Maybe we should be grateful they didn't increase the price for adding a new feature.
Netflix sure uses a decidedly strange metric to describe getting rid of something people have used as an improvement.
As of 12:38pm PT the only information on the Netflix website I could get was about streaming. The browse DVD tab took me to a "not found" page, and my queue showed only streaming. This is disregard for DVD customers is rapidly becoming intolerable.
Other than two PCs with different ISPs (I don't stream with either), none. And I plan on keeping it that way. Streaming for this increasing marginalized DVD-by-mail Netflix customer is a non-issue.
The more Netflix emphasizes streaming over by-mail DVD rental the more I am considering dropping my account with them. More and more they seem to be giving long-term customers a giant middle finger. is now following The Typepad Team
Jun 13, 2011