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@ readers... Phil did leave another comment that pushed things too far. One off comment is one thing - several that violate our policy will get you banned. His comments have been wiped off the site - going over a year back.
@ svetov, I don't assign Phil or others like him that kind of power. This blog is not that active - and that is probably why the conversation is not as active - I don't think Phil has much to do with it. Further, I think our readers are intelligent enough to see his comments for exactly what they are - and the worthwhile conversation tends to flow around those comments. Yes - we could ban every troll out there - but it would frankly be a waste of time.
@ Tropby, The source is factual - and smearing the author as a "Nazi" is little more than a weak attempt to shift the focus of the conversation - and in no way changes the reality. The fact that an angry mob of thousands of potentially violent fanatics in Duisburg attacked a home with an Israeli flag hardly leads to the conclusion that Jews are "safe" in Germany. The fact that armies of police have to protect Jewish citizens is certainly no argument that all is well.
How about an online cluster bomb?
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