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A toy with, may be, 300 kWh (or more?) battery packs?
Remark: Oxalic acid -CO2-CO2- , produced by anion radical CO2.- dimerisation, is reduced to ethanol. CO or formic acid cannot dimerise
But with two non-ferrous metal atoms for one Faraday or 26.8Ah x 5.5V = 147 Wh with 100% electrochemical efficiency.
A too good process to be true? May be.
And Cobalt prices on the London Metal Exchange are going down.
To produce high energy compact electrode a high tap density powder is needed. Just a simple culinar factory problem.
Where is the monoelectronic reduction step?
Polysulfides (S8--, S6--, S3°-) solubility will accelerate battery capacity fading during cycling, decrease cycle life and increase self discharge. I am not optimistic for an electrochemical success for this type of rechargeable cell and of course battery pack with balancing problems.
The most expensive artificial gas in the world, with no future.
DC intermittent solar power charge a battery, then a continuous DC water electrolysis, Hydrogen compression-separation (membrane) and drying. Hydrogen combustion in place of natural gas. What would be efficiency of a such chain? Surely very poor, to replace local natural gas combustion. Western Australia is a very rich and nice country to invest in a such sophisticated gas machine with several centuries pay-back.
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Mar 2, 2018