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Montreal, QC
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Oh yay! Another Majestic fan! There really are so few of us out there. When I try to explain something and the best reference I have is Majestic, everyone just looks at me blankly. It really was ahead of its time. I think it could really be done well now, and on such a massive scale too! Though I think the use of a fax machine might be a tad out of date :P I found out about it through Cloudmakers (I participated in the AI game too), how did you discover Majestic? Part of their problem was creating a market where none existed yet.
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2008 on Are we ready for Majestic now? at Brainy Gamer
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oh wow! I really love the irregular meter post! That's one of the musical elements that just sends shivers down my spine. It's great to hear those pieces. Thanks for the links!
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2008 on Bloggers en fuego at Brainy Gamer
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