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Martin, I like your approach because you clearly identify the many problems related to 'tool thinking'. However, your 'all guns blazing in every direction' approach does not solve anything. I am surprised that someone who claims the imprematur of the OU should think so narrowly about the problems users and designers of ePortfolios must face. You appear to be talking from within the cosy box of Academia (aka 'Ivory Palaces') and thus ignoring the much larger audience of the real world where ePortfolios are needed from cradle to grave - if you really believe in Lifelong and Lifewide Learning. For instance, although you allude to the issue of interoperability, you do not argue for its purpose or functionality. You repeatedly argue for blogs but without recognising their serious limitations. You do not appear to have a reasoned argument for portability. - I could go on at length but many of these issues I address at: Sarah Stewart makes a good case for a more controlled ePortfolio environment and you should know that a similar concerns relate to the UK scene. Bruce states 'if the tools are right' - and this is the nub of the whole issue - who designs the tools? As an education manager for many years I have always argued that it should be the educator that specifies the tool and not the technician. Whatever the age of the learner, from 5-95, the question still remains for the practitioner: 'What do you want to do with your learners?' And in the trend towards collaboration and peer review, of external assessments, mentoring and tutor guidance, nevermind showcasing, the secure ePortfolio environment allows the learner to communicate as much of themselves as they wish to multiple audiences and with different personas. But perhaps the issue that concerns me most is that of the onrush of ePortfolio-literate students that will shortly be flocking to HEIs. Staff in HE and FE environments should be aware that whole cohorts of students will be leaving mainstream education already understanding the value of a personal ePortfolio and will certainly be looking to HEIs that are willing to look at their well-populated ePortfolios. If HE staff do not understand this perhaps the potential students will look elsewhere.
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2011 on Eportfolios - J'accuse at The Ed Techie
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Jun 14, 2011