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Regarding cleanup; "BP CEO disputes claims of underwater oil plumes." TOD post includes study indicating occurrence. BP I'm sure doesn't want another doorway to another aspect of liability. My view is that should be opened.
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Related: But in general I have been exploring a theory that specialization is leading to many of the conflicts in our society. - Sykes The inevitable result of specialization toward an extreme, is complexity. Editor Gail at The Oil Drum quotes Kurt Cobb in review of this dynamic on the Horizon spill: It is a strategy as old as civilization. Assign each person to do a part of the entire job, and the job will get done faster and better as each member of the work team hones skills and learns tricks to improve his or her performance with each repetition of the task. It's called the division of labor, and as it spreads and intensifies, it leads to greater and greater complexity in society. My view is this isn't inherently a problem, but problems do arise such as MSM elites, or oil technical expertise in only the hands of corporate entity. I see solutions to the digital topic easier to solve than the oil topic while I would argue the relative importance of each topic to continuing status quo of Western 21st century life, is the reverse.
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Related to Mr. Moore's observations: Life in general, all the way to the point of reality as studied in Quantum Mechanics, is a matter of probabilities; how are your statistical skills ?
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In '91 I was in Pine Ridge South Dakota when a hail storm rolled over us. It sounded like a freight train coming in. The hail got as big as ... softballs. It was near impossible to walk in the yard directly afterword. The next day some folks a few miles away showed us their softball sized specimens saved in their freezer.
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Who here is familiar with the Real Story ? I am - extremely - and wondered if it would go completely over one's head without that knowledge. I think the premise of the movie was so bad, a movie just was bound to be as poor. Disclosure: I have a narrow taste in comedy.
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[quote="AB"]This is the same guy who is open to drilling holes all up and down the east coast for whatever the hell?![/quote] Since I'm not a local, I wonder is this more partisanship behavior - has the commenter previously indicated disagreement with offshore drilling ? Or agreement ? For the record, I think the issue is 'moot' - we will continues drilling anywhere and everywhere to keep Business As Usual going, as there is no national plan to replace oil technology.
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To add some historical analysis to why France is getting what it is and the US isn't, see Larry Lessig's America's Broadband Policy
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...unfortunately, the significance of those tweets is decided not by the people who wrote and read them, but by observers in the West. Yeah, Western hubris at work. The question there, is, is that gong to stop these folks. I suspect not. And that's a good thing regardless of others hubris.
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They know about now. 'Now' is something that is tremendously under appreciated in Western cultures. The technical tools don't change the tool user unless the user chooses. The more things change the more they stay the same.
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I'm guessing there is no updated Monty Python work ? For example, something along the lines of quantum mechanics/entanglement/human's collapse the probability waveform etc.
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'get going' is too ambiguous for me; lets see some numbers, some policy suggestions, or even links to other commentary that thinks this is a big deal - Oh, you get points for the NC Nat Gas story ....:-) The Pentagon is the largest transportation fuel user in the US, IIRC. The Oil Drum is what I read and why I am not be oblivious to refineries closing, for example.
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...horizontal drilling or hydraulic fracturing ... If this story continues and you cover it you will find much to learn on the above methods and the inherent risks. Your coverage could fill large gaps of uninformed comment among most of your readership. Is there money to be made by the time the decision to drill has to be made ? I'm not so sure.
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These may also be of use: The Oil Drum; Light Rail And
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