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I tend to agree with Mr. Schafer. The conditions only now exist that libertarian candidates are being taken seriously and they aren't used to being subjected to real world scrutiny, though we have a couple of them running locally that I think do pretty well in that regard. Yet, it is obvious that Rand Paul really needs to reevaluate his stance and how he'll be able to sell it to the people in an environment that is often given to taking offense easily before determining if it's really necessary.
I really, really appreciate this article. My youngest son graduated from high school last year and is having the most difficult time. I constantly have to remind myself to try and see things from his perspective and not react as if the world is as it was when I was his age. It is a direct challenge for me to find ways to help him face this unstable culture and I'm not often confident about how well I do it. It really puts me to praying for God to show him what to do and show me how to help him.
What you've said here makes me think of something I believe, and that is that the kingdom of God has much more room for various stances than we'd care to admit. I don't mean indiscriminate room, but still more than our often prejudiced minds like to even entertain the possibility of. The book of Acts shows the apostles and converts readily extending and modifying their previously held views while it shows others angrily refortifying themselves in nationalized versions of those same views. It seems that the same thing goes on now.
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Years before I joined the Catholic Church I decided I believed in infant baptism, but I could never find anyone who would perform one for me. I read the argument somewhere that baptism was analogous to circumcision. When a child was circumcised on the eighth day after birth it had no input into that decision. The emphasis was on God's requirement. That makes sense to me. But, obviously, everyone doesn't agree. But I never could get with the "age of consent" thing.
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Jun 4, 2010