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Randy Cauthen
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Since the Dems seem to be getting cold feet, it strikes me that there is a politically-easy, Machiavellian, revelatory of GOP treachery action they can take: A bill renouncing any permanent bases in Iraq. Convey the ones already built to the Iraqi Government. Make any attempts to build new bases, or permanently base soldiers there, illegal. And while you're at it, give most of our mega-embassy back to them too. And let the country see the GOP try their b.s. to stop it.
Does anybody know where a complete copy of the actual flyers might be posted?
Also, try substituting "tax breaks for the rich" every time they say "tax cuts."
Off this topic, but on an earlier one: Given that everything Bush does is meant to send a political message, what does it mean that he's recently read The Stranger, the plot of which centers on killing a randomly-chosen Arab?