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So cute.. I hope you find a good home soon
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2010 on I need a home at Redman
This is also a great example on how we, as a nation, place value on people. More attention is placed on people that take money from the goverment, than if they hurt a child, or rape a woman. You can get 30- 100 years in jail for taking goverment money, and maybe 3-4 years for molesting a child. What kind of value system does that show?
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2010 on Enron, WorldCom and Madoff at PERFECT CANDOR
His work should be a model for how all schools and should be run. All children need this kind of attention and education. Giving people hope does make a differance. Canada models how we all should give back in any way we can to the children. People need a hand up, not a hand out.I really enjoyed this story.
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2010 on The Harlem Children's Zone at PERFECT CANDOR
I read this every time it comes out and it is a great overall veiw of what is really happening in our country. Children and families are sufering more than people realize. Florida is one of the 10 states who really needs some change in promoting education, job creation, and poverty reform and equlity.
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2010 on State of America's Children at PERFECT CANDOR
I do feel some ways of thinking in our country is behind, like education, and how we see the need for life long learning. In my work experience I have seen upper managment that may or may not have education.However No new tranning to learn how to be effective as a supervisor in todays world.
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2010 on Building Learning Organizations at PERFECT CANDOR
We all do have basic like food, shelter, clothing, touch, etc.. Unfortunately, even though I believe everyone is entitled purely because they are alive to these needs …needs often go unmet that creates crime, developmental delays in children, disease, unplanned pregnancies and mental illness. Until this country values human life, peoples needs will not be met and children will suffer
Toggle Commented Aug 25, 2010 on Human Motivation at PERFECT CANDOR
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Aug 25, 2010