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"Even though I believe in the importance of pushing the limits of safety and trust to support greater learning and growth, I've also realized that I can't complacently rely on my own definition of "safety." " Hi Ed, I think this is a crucial point, and it is illustrated by the picture you've included. Four people are managing their risk and still pushing their limits. But why isn't the guy in the back wearing a helmet? And why has he put down his paddle at a crucial moment when a rudder may be needed. He appears to have moved from risky to reckless and that can be a threat to everyone in the boat. (Or in the coach's case, the boat of life.) Cheers, Rick Harris
Hi Ed. Who is your headline writer? I think this title is brilliant. Also I appreciate your honesty in acknowledging that it is your need to pick up the hammer and try to whack in an obvious (to you) solution. Finally, I think you raise an interesting point about whether it is possible to master one's tendency to want to take over the problem solving process. Perhaps the mastery comes in being able to take feedback and get back in partnership mode?? Cheers, Rick
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2011 on Hammering Screws (Bad Coaching) at Ed Batista
Provocative that strategy springs from the question "What business are you in?" but success arises from the question "What values must be expressed in your culture?"?
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Sep 9, 2011