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No, they don't become stale. It's awesome! (Well OK, I'm the guy who likes this word play: My favorite Country? Rgentina, because they have so many Rtists they could write an Rticle about it.)
To judge "general statistics an utter failure", we'll have to eliminate selection bias in the sample of journalists we're looking at. Following blogs like yours and Andrew Gelman's that focus on examples of statistics done wrong (AG: Am I too negative?), it's tempting to conclude that, yes, the general public is bad with statistical thinking. But then there are also so many people doing stats well. Look at the people Alberto Cairo presents in "the functional art"... "As if we need more evidence"? Maybe. But in the form of n=1 examples? They are valuable and important (and LA-Times should post an excuse and explanation, since they reach their readers while we likely don't), but let's not become too negative ;-) Regards, Berry Boessenkool
Murphy's Nice one ;-)
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2014 on Because it's Friday: Word Crimes at Revolutions
I think this is a very good auxiliary method. But it can't replace some "classical" teaching. Here's an example: I first need to explain the concept of linear regression, before students can use it in case method style. This teaching could include the mathematics behind the parameter fitting, the R-commands necessary (my students don't know "~" for formulas before they learn lm), the formula behind Rsquared and it's interpretation, what a correlation is anyways, ... I doubt students should learn this on their own - teaching time is too valuable for that. Let's get to the application of statistical methods!
A side note: these percentages do matter very much for some people: My parents are dairy farmers, and as such are paid partially by percentage of fat in the milk. The basic idea is that more dairy products such as cheese can be obtained from fat-rich milk (4 to 5% of fat with a good livestock) than from low-fat milk (2-3%). So I grew up with my parents talking about diets for the cows that would optimize fat content without compromising other indicators for milk quality (and monetary value). These discussions are in the order of magnitude of 3.6 vs 3.8%! is now following The Typepad Team
Apr 29, 2013